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  1. http://www.mustangmonthly.com/howto/headliner_install/index.html
  2. http://www.eshocks.com/bil_Ind.asp?VC=21Q20&SubChar=Q http://garry.motorsportworld.co.uk/framefix.asp?ProductCode=K-82-1742&PID=19495 http://www.autoworksracing.com/global_west_suspension.htm I buy my koni 82-1742sp4 in 2009 by a local koni dealer. The shocks are not listet on his web site, but he make a order from koni direct for me (235€ pr) Ask a local dealer , or see the web links.
  3. I have a Long wishlist.... Dodge Challenger Detomaso pantera Porsche 911 ................... But my list is bigger than my money bag.... :-)
  4. http://www.laurelmountainmustang.com/products?taxon=&keywords=Louvers I have the two peace louver. And i am very happy with the quality and the look. You can see a picture in my garage. The only thing is the gab betwen the two Parts, like TheFastNthefurios say. Bud this is not really bad.
  5. The repro moldings are crap. They are soft like butter. I learn this on the hard way, they are expensive especially with the shipping to germany. Never see a more worse repro part. I buy a used set from Motocity Mustang , the original are much better and easyer to install. I use the clip tool and grease on the clips.
  6. Is this a 351W/302 , your thrust plate have badly wearing. Do you use a one peace or two peace excentric? How looks your timing cover from the inside? There are two different dowels availible. You can pull the dowel out and put a new one in. Found a good information here: http://www.compcams.com/Content/StaticContent.aspx?ID=411&Title=ford-technical-info&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Camshaft Dowel Pin/Fuel Pump Eccentric Two different length dowel pins were used in the front of the cams in 221-351W engines. In 1972 and earlier engines, a longer (1.375”) dowel pin was used
  7. The Falcon looks a little bit more nasty than the Stang. I love it! Very cool pics and nice cars.WOW
  8. Doors, the electric window lock switch, rear electric window motors, console clock, T5 emblems, roof rail moldings uretane bumpers..... And i wish a better quality for the repro parts. Some parts that i buy are only trash (rear window moldings, dash pad...) not to install only crap for much money.
  9. Very nice pics and car ! Show us more....
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