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  1. Nice work. Is that car right hand drive? Mine didn't have an opening on the driver's side. Thanks ! No it's left hand drive...Non a/c car...Yours must be a/c...a/c cars don't have the the top hat on the drivers side.
  2. As promised New video taken today of our cowl repair progress & More Videos of our progress here http://www.saturdaymorninggarage.com/
  3. Thanks Guys ! I have the numbers matching cobra jet motor which I had redone (030 over ..3 angle valve job..blueprinted...Rhodes lifters..every component new) right before I took it off the road in 1988 I had maybe a 1000 miles on the rebuild...Ran awsome! I think I'm gonna go with a t-5 (already a 4 spd car) The sot coil over frt...& the Tcp rear susp...At least thats the plan ;) I was in the Auto body business for over 20 years so I've done this type of work a few times before :P More pics & videos tonight !
  4. Hi all, New member here from the Northeast...Thought you guys may like to see my 1972 q code Restoration/ Resto mod. I bought this car in 1979 first car I ever bought. Check it out. Scott http://www.saturdaymorninggarage.com/
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