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  1. use a new 9 volt battery with wires taped to the terminals then touch the wires to the plug aria of the circuit board you can see the path of the circuit for the lights the leds are polar sensitive the ground runs along the out side of the circuit board if i remember right
  2. i rebuilt mine very easy i got a kit from west coast cougar like 15$ and he has a video on how to do it /worked the first time very simple in side
  3. hang chicken wire 6 inch's off the bottom of the deck hopefully he has a small pecker and cant reach through to the foam small 1x2 or 2x4 nailed to the rafter spaced every 4 to 6 feet
  4. the u bolts where frozen on mine i used a Sawzall and the passenger front leaf connecter bolt was a bugger but its not that hard
  5. i still have the 14 inch rims of my 71 are they worth keeping i don't think i will ever use them and will keep the car tell im dead [i hope ] so what do you guys think ? thanks for any impute
  6. i think they are out of business but are still willing to tie up your money
  7. i believe it is only on the 71 model year
  8. there is a thread about how to do it you need to remove the metal strip from the window use a piece of wood and a small hammer to tap off the chrome and rubber strip off the window then replacing the new rubber back in is no fun try to find the instructions it will help a lot
  9. i had to clean out the boar with small wire brush and brake cleaning fluid i would think you could depends on the position of your distribution block
  10. you need a rebuild kit with o rings very easy to do i got mine at west coast cougar
  11. try this place https://www.performanceplustire.com/
  12. have you tried a shot gun with a wide spreed
  13. if you are going after led for that app you need reverse polity or non polarity sensitive led or reverse the wires
  14. you can go to orally's and in the help section ,and get a kit to rebuilt it your self not that hard to do
  15. some one made the flat shock plate about the time the repair was made in order to fix a problem did the flat piece and the repair come off the same side ?
  16. i need to order new dash pad clips . i think i need 3 clips that hold the pad assembly in to the top of the dash . is there more than 3 clips ? thank for any help
  17. now that's cool .... ::thumb:: where there is a will there is a way
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