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  1. i have to fight to keep my wife out of it but after she put a dent into it i don't like her to drive it
  2. https://www.onallcylinders.com/2013/10/29/video-master-cylinder-bore-size-affects-braking/
  3. see if this helpshttps://www.onallcylinders.com/2013/10/29/video-master-cylinder-bore-size-affects-braking/ Video How Master Cylinder Bore Size Affects Braking - OnAllCylinders.html
  4. did you fallow the welwood brake pad bedding procedure you might try to re bed the pads get them hotter
  5. ya the bastards in jamacha got my mother in law with dementia for 3,000 $
  6. in southern california we only have to worry about unicorn poop
  7. it's a 1971 and i have 3 tanks total i might remove the 2 saddle tanks .
  8. so if a gas tank has rust in it can it be cleaned or is it just shot and needs to go on the scrap pile ? (medium rust )
  9. rock auto or oreillys auto parts about 170$ - 210$ also ebay
  10. i don't want to be in a roll over in that thing ,may never stop
  11. do you have to much return spring tension you just need enough to shut the valves any more over time can case damage
  12. switch to mobil 1 full synthetic oil when i started my car after sitting it would smoke changed from pennzoil to mobil 1 no smoke
  13. sorry to hear of your miss fortune ,best of luck for a speedy recovery
  14. i got exterior waterproof box speakers with u shaped brackets 6x10 double spiker and installed them in front of the passenger and drive seats facing up similar to thees but smaller https://www.bestbuy.com/site/polk-audio-patio-200-5-2-way-indoor-outdoor-loudspeakers-pair-white/5641007.p?skuId=5641007
  15. rock auto has what appears to be a 250 six radiator re pop my 250 six has no shroud just a small deflector on top and it is stock and original
  16. i got some of amazon also not that cheep but it probably what is going on some do and others don't
  17. i installed led dash lights 6 months ago haven't used the car a lot at night . so now i some of the lights have started to flicker or wave . any else have this happen i have had other green in ihe cluster and no problem . just bad led or ? any ideas ?
  18. it might be easier just to match the other side lollerz
  19. wow scary glad it's on the miner side and all are ok my friend hit a horse on the freeway doing 65 at night he was ok but messed up the car and horse
  20. i like the black on black very different look
  21. robbins top also available i got a cloth top and love the look it ran 200$ more then the vinyl but takes a little more work to keep clean
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