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  1. I would think so. Remember, 4V ports are huge and should be more than capable of flowing whatever your 408 can throw at it. My main point, there is something else going on here. You aren't falling off a cliff at 5K RPMs because of valve shrouding.
  2. I would try to eliminate the simpler stuff first. Could very well be an ignition issue. What is your ignition setup? Is spark jumping at high RPMs? Is your spark plug gap right? Is spark getting blown out at higher RPMs? Do you have a carb you could quickly toss on for a dyno run to compare to the EFI?
  3. Hmmm, I'm no expert. But as George Pence once said, "If you have an engine, equipped with 4V heads, that flattens out before 6000 rpm, it has a problem. Floating valves, collapsed tappets, valves sticking in their guides, carburetor secondaries that don't open, malfunctioning ignition, exhaust valves opening too late, somebody's pounded a potato up the tail pipe". So looking at our dyno sheet, I don't think your issue has anything to do with valve shrouding.
  4. My guess is you need to swap out for stiffer springs. Your secondaries are opening up before the secondary jets pop up and provide the fuel you need.
  5. Man Tony, pulling the heads off, just because? I wish I had so much time in my life to burn! BTW, isn't porting/unshrouding CC heads a bit of a catch 22? You may be able to accomplish some unshrouding of the valves, but you will lose some compression.
  6. "Well, you know, if you're into the whole brevity thing..."
  7. My best guess is also a vacuum leak due to manifold install. Start spraying brake/carb cleaner around the base of the manifold to see if you get any increase in idle. Also try covering up the top of the carb with your hands or a rag, it should bog down or nearly stall out the engine. It could also be a timing issue, but since you didn't have the issue prior and didn't mess with the timing, it's probably not a timing issue. Out of curiosity, where in NH are you?
  8. Tony, you had like the only 71-73 Mustang at HRPT! Side note, crazy how many fox bodies there seem to have been. I guess it's kind of cool those are getting some love as classics now. But to me those will always be a dime-a-dozen cars.
  9. I had no issue installing the brackets as is, without utilizing a 2nd set. The seat tracks have enough give where they will slightly bend in place when you torque down the bolts. It's worth repeating, but this was one of the best mods I have ever done to the Mach 1. The extra 2 inches of leg room makes a huge difference.
  10. @tony-muscle Look who's car made a cameo in VGGs latest video
  11. The first video I saw was when he picked up the Independence Chevelle a couple years back. I was instantly hooked. Dude is a born entertainer.
  12. Oh, nice! I see a pic of VGG and Betty White!
  13. HRPT is definitely on my bucket list. Love the pics and the updates. Keep em' coming!
  14. I swapped over to a 2 row aluminum radiator 8 years ago when my brass radiator started leaking. Still going strong without a single issue. While I was in there, I also swapped out the water pump, hoses, and went with a 180 degree 351C correct thermostat. I was worried the 2 row wouldn't provide enough cooling after dropping in Classic Auto Air AC. However even on the hottest days sitting at idle, the temp stays at the bottom of the normal range on the stock gauge. Regarding electrolysis, I don't believe an aluminum radiator is anymore susceptible to it than copper or brass. Make sure your grounds are good, radiator isolated from ground, and don't use tap water.
  15. Not saying this is your problem, but worth mentioning. The quality of parts in 2021 has greatly diminished. Maybe your points are just junk.
  16. I'm generally not a fan of larger diameter wheels on older cars like ours. But you absolutely nailed it! I love the look of black in the center, chrome/silver on the outside. What are you doing with your old Magnum 500 wheels?
  17. No problem. Last summer I did the Progression Ignition swap and Classic Auto Air install. I also had the free time to drop the toploader to replace all seals and gaskets. I had plenty of time on my hands due to COVID. I should mention two of my favorite features of Progression Ignition. First, I can set my idle timing really low without it impacting anything else. For example, I have timing set at 10 degrees BTDC at idle, but I have it set to be all in at 36 degrees by 2800 RPM. By dropping timing really low at idle, I get a nice and smooth idle without the eye burning exhaust. And I don't sacrifice performance, since the timing curve bumps up instantly off idle. Second, I never have to use the manual choke on the carb anymore. If RPM dips below idle, the unit bumps up the timing to increase idle speed to compensate.
  18. I had actually heard about Progression Ignition initially through a 3rd party YouTube video. They were doing an install on a 351w, if I remember correctly. I remember thinking how slick the setup looked, and the YouTuber also gave it rave reviews. I can't remember what I paid exactly at the time, but it was north of $400. I believe they sell for over $500 now. I understand the hesitancy and simply diving in. But for comparison, a Duraspark swap with the dizzy, box, and harness will probably at least run you close to that. As would an MSD setup, etc. Not to mention, you will never get such advanced features with any other setup. So I figured, why not? I will also say, the unit has been flawless. I have reached out to the owner a few times with questions, and he is always prompt to respond. After I had purchased the unit, I had inquired about buying a male cap. He just sent me one, free of charge. Super nice guy!
  19. We adopted a 1 year old pit bull in February of last year, just before COVID hit. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Well, unless you are a rabbit, groundhog, chipmunk, squirrel, mouse, etc. That freaking dog is a professional vermin terminator. We actually had a few groundhogs lurking around, and it was basically impossible to get rid of them. They would also murder my neighbors garden. Yeah, the dog took care of that problem. At any rate, we certainly didn't adopt the dog to cut down on the vermin population. But she has literally wiped them all out. Well, except the rabbits. Those freaking things just keep multiplying. My dog kills at least one per week in our backyard.
  20. LOL, that was going to be my one critique also. I was thinking either your upholstery guy sucks, or you didn't replace the foam. I replaced the foam when I did mine several years ago now. The seats both still look and feel great. At some point, I think it still might be worth your while to change out the foam. Also, I haven't checked lately, but when I did mine, nobody was making new foam for the backseat. I had no choice but to re-use it. Thankfully the foam was in decent shape, and you can't tell at all. Otherwise, love the updates. Great job man!
  21. Actually I am using them with a set of Boss 351 valve covers. No idea if there would be any issues with the stock 351C valve covers.
  22. The Mach 1 name itself just carries a certain "baddassery" to it. Sure, it literally had nothing to do with making the car go faster. But cooler? Undoubtedly. Can't fault Ford for creating an iconic brand and making a few bucks off of it. There is a reason people restore these cars and slap Mach 1 badging on converts, sportsroofs, and otherwise. The brand matters.
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