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  1. Good info, thanks guys. While my car is a factory Ram Air car, the plenum and cleaner were long gone when I got the car years back. I bought the repro set from Don at OMS and never added decals. Guess that is correct after all. That repro set from Don is real nice, btw. Anyone contemplating, no worries on the quality.
  2. Mac, Thanks for the response. I'm pretty sure a Boss 351 got the small "351 4V" decal, am I wrong on that?
  3. Does anyone know the correct and proper air cleaner decal for a 1971 351 4V M code with Ram Air? Thanks!
  4. I know the pictures aren't super detailed. But the floor and frame rail look to be rusty, but decent. To me it only looks like surface rust. I don't see any evidence of severe corrosion or holes. Again, hard to be sure with the pictures provided. The next big thing would be the motor obviously. If it turns over, that's a good sign. To me, that is a super car to be bidding on.
  5. I was waiting for this one, haha. Ok, so about the spoiler. It is not the original spoiler. A previous owner removed the stock spoiler and put the current one on. When I got the car, the holes in the trunk lid for the original spoiler were still there. I'm not sure where the current spoiler is from. The pedestals are taller and wider, and the tilt is also adjustable. Regardless, I'm fine with the way it is. To each his own.
  6. +1 on the Javelin. However, you RARELY see a Javelin. Camaros from that era are rather plentiful.
  7. Totally! I have noticed this also. There is no denying the front of the car, lights, grille, etc. are very Chevy like.
  8. Man, is that a time capsule, or what? That is truly a sight to behold. More pics!!! Don brings up an interesting point, the 3.50 ratio must have been mandatory on the 71 Q Code, which might explain why it's not the standard 3.25 with AC. Very interesting Marti report right there. FYI, my 71 M Code also has the tapped holes for a rev limiter. I don't think that's much of an issue or a big deal.
  9. Can't tell from the picture, but does it have hood locks? If it does, the Ram Air was more than likely from the factory. Only factory Ram Air cars came with hood locks. While the hood locks could have been added after the fact along with the Ram Air, people usually don't go through the trouble of cutting up their hood. I'd be all over that car, if I were you. A 4 speed M code is the next best thing to a 429 or a Boss, if you ask me. Do you have any better pictures you can share?
  10. That is very interesting, to say the least. I have never seen an AC car from the factory come with anything other than a 3.25. All Ford lit states that ratio as mandatory when AC was ordered. Certainly to keep RPMs lower to avoid damaging the compressor. So are you going to upload the report? This is exciting stuff here!
  11. I never picked up on that, but you may be onto something. Especially with all the options, makes sense it was ordered by the customer that way.
  12. Thanks! It's really a 20 footer. It was repainted at some point and its not perfect. The engine bay is anything but manicured. Heck, I even have mismatched rims and tires, haha! But, its in much better shape than when I bought it a few years back. Its a WIP. A nice driveable WIP.
  13. Pics added. I also uploaded the Marti in that section.
  14. Hi guys, My highly optioned, 1 of 1 M code, and, I didn't even need the intermittent wipers to get there! Just wanted to share the report. Thanks, Jason
  15. For sure, be extra careful on this one. Being that 71 Q codes are almost non-existent and we have a clear discrepancy with the AC and rear end. Red flags to be sure, but I'm hoping it checks out. You would be the only known owner of a 71 Q code!
  16. Yes, but a 71 Q code.. One of the rarest of all 71-73s.
  17. Hi all, I've officially been a member here for almost 2 years, and lurked around long before that. I've never really posted much, aside from a few recent posts. But I feel like I know a lot of you very well from reading your posts over the years. Anyway, I have a 71 Mach 1, M code, 4 Speed toploader, Grabber Blue, Ram Air. It is a well optioned car and a 1 of 1 according to the Marti report. I'll post the report and some pics soon. Hope to participate more these days, as opposed to lurking. Thanks!
  18. While there are quite a few M codes that were produced in 71, there were only 4,491 M codes that came with a 4 speed toploader. Personally, I find that combo fairly rare and quite desirable. For me, it's really the next best thing after a J code, Boss/72 R code. Then again, perhaps I'm biased, as my 71 Mach 1 is a M code with a 4 speed toploader :) As far as Ram Air, my 71 M code came with it and it is listed on the Marti as "Ram Air Option"
  19. That is really cool. I'm pretty sure nobody on here has one, and I have never even heard of any in the wild until now. One thing though, is it factory AC? I ask because you mention 3.50 traction lock but all factory AC cars came with a 3.25 traction lock. Either the AC or rear end isn't original to the car. Do yourself a favor and order up a Marti report.
  20. If that really is a 71 Q code, that's an extremely rare car, as only 66 Q codes were produced in 71. What's the seller asking?
  21. Here is another great post by George Pence on the Pantera forums: http://pantera.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5650045562/m/6700079993 Not sure if this particular post has ever been referenced here on the subject.
  22. The gear is held on by a snap ring. There is also a small ball bearing that holds the gear in place which keeps it from spinning on the shaft. It is real easy to replace once you have the tailshaft removed. Since your gear is missing completely, I'm guessing the snap ring and bearing are missing as well.
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