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  1. Just did the site supporter, it's worth every cent. Oskar
  2. Hi Jürgen, I just live around your corner ( Niederdorfelden ) funny isn't it? I have an 71 Mach1 in the same colour, well I think we need to met us, so we can talk and figure out what we can do for each other. My cell # 0176 4800 8862 Greez, Oskar
  3. But the guys from this club where always against our big bodys, I actually left this club for this reason.
  4. Hi all, here in Germany we have an special rate for so called, historic cars. The car must be 30 years or older and need to be inspected by our technical inspection departement. After they decide it is worth preserving and it is in good technical and close to original condition, you get a special licence plate with an H, like historic, at the end. After this inspection you have only to pay about 140$ a year. Oskar
  5. My car was sitting in the garage for about seven years and starts right away with the old gas.
  6. Do you have a link to this video? I also have to install it.
  7. Thats exactly what mine do, it is sitting higher on one side ( left ), what did you do to solve it?
  8. Hi @ all, I bought a new shifter bezel from OMS but it doesn't fit in my full size console. Is there any different between the consoles?
  9. I pre-thread them and it works pretty good out, I also threaded the holes to prevent that they are breaking. This are now the first metric things in my car ;-)
  10. Thanks Ray and Dough, I know Lowes, but we do not have it here in Europe and I don't think our hardware store has this kind of nuts. May someone used a different way? Thanks, Oskar
  11. My favourite is grabber blue with argent stripes, it is not only I have this combination,I just like it most on our cars.
  12. Hello Guys, As mentioned in the description I have a question about the dash trim panel. Recently I bought a complete set from OMS and now it was the time to install it, but I figured out that the self tapping nuts behind the passenger side panel will not fit, they are way to big in diameter. Is there are somebody who had the same problem and may found a solution? Thanks, Oskar
  13. Thanks Mike, But I'm looking more for the dimensions, I get all of the belts here in Germany but need the dimensions of it. I don't want to disamble the belts just for measurements. Thanks, Oskar
  14. Hi, does anybody has a list of the used v belts in an 351c with ps and ac? Thanks, Oskar
  15. Hello Guys, I have again some questions about our/mine beloved 71-73. Ok, I bought a new hood to cowl weatherstrip and it came with the rubber pice and some plastic pins. On my car this weatherstrip is missing, so I have no clue how to install this one. I can see some holes in the cowl what look right for this pins, but there are no holes in the rubber. Also, do you use any adhesive for the rubber? Another question is about my temp sensor, after a couple of month the car was just staying in the garage, the temp guage didn't show any reaction. All other guages works normal, so I think maybe the sensor should be defect, I already cleaned the contact but no result. Before I change the sensor, is there a procedure how I can check the guage and the sensor? And how do you install a new sensor, with or without teflon tape? Sorry one more question, my trunk looks pretty weird and I'm looking for a complete floor change, the PO put a lot of bondo in it and welded some spots. Because my car is partially new painted, my question is now is this job possible without to damage the paint? Thanks for all your help, Oskar
  16. Hallo Dirk, Willkommen im besten Forum.
  17. Well, I run a PCV valve on the passenger side and a breather cap from edelbrock on the driver side, is this wrong or doesn't matter? I have under load a pretty bad oil smell under the hood and I'm curios is that the result from that breather cap. Thanks, Oskar
  18. what do you mean with "being held back" vacuum I have no idea, never measured it. I have an calibration kit and I already tried to lower the jet size, but still running rich and smoke a lot when WOT.
  19. Fiberglass repair kit. Probably best if you remove the plenum and complete the cleaning and repair outside the car. While it is out, perform complete cleaning and repair of all doors, heater core, etc. Unfortunately this job is a PITA and will take some patience and effort. Something you should only have to do once! What will be the easiest way to remove the plenum?
  20. I do not have really problems with my 600, I just assumed that a bigger carb would bring me more HP. Also I tried to tune my 1406 and I have still a pretty rich running engine.
  21. Has somebody an idea how to repair that part where the hose is connected? It is broke on mine, so I can't connect the hose.
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