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  1. If our mules are 3" wider how can they be more cramped? Sounds to me like someone isn't very good with math. :D I'm a good sized person (this means I am fat) My biggest problem is rolling out of the big beast and that is because I am disabled. As for Lacking power my baby can smoke the tires until I hit 2nd. gear because I have wound out 1st. gear to the point that I didn't want to blow the engine. I've smoked the tires for more than 100 feet NHRA style. I'm talking tree top high smoke that filled the intersection of a four lane road. If that isnt power then what is? Oh by the way I only have a 279:1 rear axle ratio in a 8" rear end. I can't wait until I stuff a 9" rear end with a 379:1 gear ratio wit limited slip differential. Will that still make me slow? :huh:
  2. How rare is a 1971 Mach 1 with a c4 transmission and standard interior? The only option my car had was power steering.
  3. Hello from water logged South Carolina. :( I am the proud owner of a medium yellow gold 1971 Mach 1 vin #1F05F214550. I bought this car in the summer of 1975 after my 1967 Camero went south on me. I got this car for $1,850.00. I have taken this car everywhere and will do so today without hesitation. All I can say is she is the best car I have ever had. She is a rolling restoration and I am going to make her out run what my Camero would do. :D
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