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  1. Ford build some Mustangs outside of the USA, e.j in Mexico. The Mustangs built in Mexico have kph-speedometers. You can find more information on the "South of the Border Mustang Registry" http://www.hammar.dyndns.org/~mexmust/index.html Martin
  2. Hello Mach172, I have seen the progress of your interesting project in your webpage during 2010. Actually I posted a link to your work in another post in the forum, but I did not know that you have already joined the forum = http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-73-door-repair?page=2 Good to know that you are working again on the Mustang. I like your work. Martin
  3. Hello M Beauchamp, what have you done with your doors? Did you repair them? My doors are very similar to yours. I intend to weld them. A guy in the Czech Republic did repair his doors. http://www.mach172.cz/1209EN.html It would be very interesting to see also your pictures, if you welded the doors. Thank you. Martin
  4. Jim, I just watch the race since a couple of years. I could not afford to race it, no money, not sufficient visits at the gym. You can find more picture on the official website www.lacarrerapanamericana.com.mx Martin
  5. I like to share some photos of cars of the Mexican Road Race "La carrera Panamericana". I took the photos during a service stop near Queretaro (Central Mexico). There were no Mustang 71-73, but early Mustang and many other interesting cars. Martin
  6. Hello, I do not know if there are different designs. I had the same issue with my mirror. Before buying a new one I thought I will have a closer look behind the mirror glass. Afortuntely the glass broke removing it. But maybe using a heat gun it can be removed in one piece. Behind the glass I found a triangle shaped part which sould aplly pressure to the ball. One rivet was quite lose. I fixed it with some hits thru a punch. I bought a cheap mirror and cut a piece more or less in the right shape. I startet to do the final shpe with sand paper. It takes same time, but should be cheaper as a complete new mirror. Maybe this helps. Best regards from Mexico Martin P.D. I will try to upload pictures. But this is my first post, so do not know if it works
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