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  1. Yeah, me too. I had been logging in every couple of months or so. Welcome back
  2. Hi Mike, I should be headed your way in a couple of months or so. Possibly a couple or 3 times over the next year. Hey Roy! Haven't seen you if a while either. I hope all is well. How'd that 70? model turn out you were working on?
  3. Just testing and dipping my toe in the water.
  4. Man that is tough news. May he rest in peace.
  5. My favorite thread on here...lot's of beautiful verts!
  6. Welcome from Alabama. I love visiting your country and have been there 4 times. Beautiful place.
  7. Wrlcome from coastal Alabama. I grew up in Bristol, TN.
  8. Welcome from coastal Alabama. One of my Mach 1s made the journey and now resides in Adelaide. Member JamesS bought and shipped it.
  9. Good job at passing along some exya parts. I'm not sure about the srcond one but the first one looks like a Mopar spacesaver since it has the extra doodad on the inflator valve. Tge mustang ones don't have that...just a straight rubber valve. You might be able to post the one on ebay with all the pertinent casting numbers and get $150 bucks for it. Good luck.
  10. Beautiful! Welcome from coastal Alabama!
  11. Cool gifts. That clock is rspecially nice.

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