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  1. Welcome from coastal Alabama. Be sure to drop a pin on the Member Map (under the Fun Stuff tab at the top of the page).
  2. Welcome from coastal Alabama. Be sure to drop a pin on the Member Map (under the Fun Stuff tab at the top of the page).
  3. Welcome from Mobile, Alabama. Be sure to drop a pin on the Member Map (under the Fun Stuff tab at the top of the page).
  4. Welcome from coastal Alabama. Be sure to drop a pin on the Member Map (under the Fun Stuff tab at the top of the page).
  5. Hi HUX, Welcome to the forum. I sold a car to Aussie member JamesS. You may want to PM James for any tips he may have. He is in Adelaide.
  6. Awesome! Congrats. Be sure to add a pist to the most awesome thread on the forum which is the Sound Off If You Have A Convertible. :)
  7. I've not driven a coupe but have driven a sportsroof and vert versions. Don't know about the head height but the rear visibility is a lot better on a coupe and vert. There are many (left hand drive) Mach 1s out there with right rear quarter panels that have been damaged from lane changes where the other car could not be easily seen. When looking in the rear view mirror you only have a 3 or 4 inch slit of rear visibility due to the 15 degree angle of the rear glass. Here's an experiment for you...hold your hand out in front of you so you're looking at all of your palm. Notice how wide your hand is. Now rotate your hand almost 90 degrees so your thumb is toward you. Notice how narrow your hand is. This is kind of what the rear glass on a sportsroof does. The plus side of this is the spirtsroof shape makes the car allway look like it is going 100mph even when hust sitting there.
  8. You said what i was going to say! Too funny. Thats a really good looking car! I like the no frills look.
  9. Any difference in your miles per gallons? Just curious. And what rear gear did you put in?
  10. We do have a Japanese member on here. I haven't seen him on here in a while. Do a search for keyword Japan and his posts will appear then send him a PM. Who knows, he may answer.
  11. You could get a 4r70w locally at Barry's and have Trans Magicians rebuild it. A 4r70w has taller 1st gear than an AOD. Nothing wrong with an AOD but since you are starting from scratch why not get the better ratio.
  12. I remember a white vert being for sale on the eastern shore. I didn't see it in person but remember seeing the ad. The blue one isnt mine. I think i know the car you saw. If it is the same one I've had it at my house a couple of times baby sitting it because the owner needed someone to drive it a little...he was too busy so the car was just sitting for months on end. Hang out? I see Tom fairly often but we dont have any particular spot.
  13. And that's why we pay Eric the big bucks. Acutally none of the staff get paid anything so feel free to send Eric a Christmas card.
  14. You can use a flashlight and shine the light across the flat area so that it creates shadows in the depressions that create the stamped numbers. You can, if you're good with a camera, take a pic of it while the engine is fully in the car. You kind of have to lay onto of the engine to do it but it is possible. I have done it several times. Sometimes they cannot be read easily even with the engine out of the car. Good luck.
  15. Welcome from coastal Alabam . Im look8ng forward to seeing what you get. Be sure to post in the convertible forums when you do.
  16. Needs lots of TLC!! would love to talk to you sometime. Need lots of help on local sources to get work done that I can't do myself. Met 1 other 73 convert. owner here last weekend. Can't remember his name but has red w/black stripes 6cy. Sure. One thing I can always do is meet up. Was the other member down in the Theodore Dawes area towards Grand Bay? I know of a red vert 6 cyl car down there. Another 7173 buddy,T-tom, and I pulled into his drive unannounced when we were driving around one Saturday. We had a nice visit. Tom also has a 72 vert here in Mobile. Your car makes the 5th vert I know of in the immediate area. Im sure there are others.
  17. Woohoo! So glad to hear that your cars are gettong freed up. Very good news my friend.
  18. Hello from the western end of Cottage Hill Road. Sounds like you've found a great car.
  19. Hey Tom. Good to hear from you. Thanks for checking in.
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