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  1. Welcome from coastal Alabama! You're in the right place.
  2. Sinister looking ride. Congrats and welcome from coastal Alabama!
  3. Very cool! I'm looking forward to hearing how well you like it all after the install.
  4. That's not a bad idea Don. The trunk floor is one of the few areas that might actually support something over 4 pounds without falling out on the road. Would that make your car an import and require metric wrenches?
  5. Among my favorite options on our cars.
  6. Is he looking at the babes thread in the background?
  7. Looks great. You can eat an elephant one bite at a time so do a little every day and it'll come together.
  8. Personally I like the Brandywine HoK but I would use a lighter primer color to really make it pop. In my humble opinion I think the black would turn it into a black cherry kind of color where a lighter color primer would let the unique HoK hues do their thing. PS. I have never seen Brandywine with black primer in person so I have no reference as to what it really looks like. I have seen Brandywine with lighter color primers and that color is awesome. The only reason I do not put it on my car is because I live in Alabama and for an Auburn fan to have a Alabama "color" on their car is bad juju.
  9. Our resident master body guru, Scott, has recommended Southern Polyurethane brand to me in the past for all underbody sheet metal. He may see this thread and provide further detail.
  10. Such a timely thread for me. My van's 351w started knocking and I haven't explored figuring out why just yet. It is seldom driven so I stopped driving it altogether. I'm hoping it's just a lifter. Back to Tim's knocking issue. I would rebuild it. That way you know what's in there.
  11. The staff is currently discussing edit button issues.
  12. For the past year or so Eric (Mister 4x4) has been active behind the forum's driver seat turning the wheel and adjusting the radio station as an Administrator. He brings a wealth of SQL programming knowledge to the team that has translated into tweaks to make the forum run better for all of us. Today we thank Eric for his efforts and publicly/officially announce a job well done! Please join Barry, the 7173 staff and myself in congratulating Eric on his new job assignment as an Admin (and his forthcoming fair share of answering complaint mail from the rest of the members, hehe). :bravo: :thankyouyellow: and ::congratz:: Keep up the great work!
  13. Paul, Thank you for your concern. I reviewed your post on the provided link address. The subsequent post showed up as is designed. This setting has remained unchanged since the creation of the forum. See below for the actual setting parameter if interested. From the admin control panel... Post Merge Time Posts posted within x minutes by the same author right after each other, will be merged. Default: 60
  14. hahaha funny. Small Honda generator in the trunk??
  15. Welcome from coastal Alabama! Great looking grande. I like the colors.
  16. Yeah, the sugar recipe has been replaced. It was good but I prefer it not so sweet. I'll have to type out the latest version. I like it a lot better.
  17. There was an issue with the edit button being used inappropriately so I deleted it from the general user's accounts. If you need an edit or a delete hit the report button and one of the mods will gladly help you out.
  18. The wheels and bumper transformed the look. Very cool! I can hardly wait to see it in person!
  19. Very nice looking car! Congrats. I'd like to see it be sold in on our shores here.
  20. Back to the topic at hand... there is a really good (old) post on here somewhere with a lot of great advice about distributor curves. Found it: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-timing-advance
  21. Hey moderator, remove the negative rep please. Not deserved in my humble opinion. Paul of Mo I agree! WARNING!!! We've had enough intervening of posts where members take pop shots at other members. If you wake up and see that you have been permanently banned, just remember that I publicly warned everyone. If the shoe fits...if not then you have nothing to worry about. DO NOT PM me or anyone on the staff about this.
  22. I'm cooking some cornbread tonight. :D I tweaked the recipe somewhat and added some jalapeños.
  23. I forwarded the pm he sent toast toast the OMS Don.
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