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  1. Anyone know what these paint daubs mean? I've heard of orange daubs and white daubs but not red and white. Maybe they're not factory marks? Also, what is the value of Magnum 500s? I have 2 14" with tires that I want to get rid of but don't know what to price to ask.
  2. Any guesses on how this happened? The rear half of the wheel well is pushed out by about an inch. Should I be concerned? It looks like the movement stopped at the brace that attaches to the top of the wheel well. You can see where the metal kinked (red circle). The outer wheel well needs to be replaced but up until now the inner wheel well looked pretty good except for one small area to be patched. Any thoughts on how to repair? Thanks in advance!
  3. I know this has been asked before but I couldn't find the post. Are there any rear quarter skins that are better than others? Any brands to avoid? Is Dynacorn worth the extra money? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the great information and pictures. Hopefully mine turns out as nice as all of yours.
  5. My cars rear end that is. I've got the rear end torn apart and cleaned up and ready for paint but looking for suggestions on type of primer and type of paint. I've heard of people painting the bottom of the car with bed liner but didn't know if that worked for the rear end too. What have you used?
  6. Here's an illustration I did at work. I can change the colors to any combination that is needed. Can also send higher resolution too. Not sure how the attached file will look on this post.
  7. Yes, it can be done. Removing headers is a different story. I ended up cutting them apart with a sawzall to remove headers (they were trash anyways).
  8. If it wasn't for the mess, blasting would be fine. I hung tarps from the ceiling surrounding the car and ran a big exhaust fan but dust still covered everything in the garage. I did go out and buy a leaf blower and it works great for blowing the dust off of everything in the garage and the car itself. I bought the 50lb. blaster. I stayed away from the soda blaster after reading about how you had to be sure to neutralize the soda with water and spraying bare metal with water sounded like trouble to me. Lots of negative comments out there about soda blasting, BUT, there are lots of negative comments out there about everything. The principle of soda blasting sounds great and lots of people do it, so who knows. If I had it to do over I would buy the 100 lb. unit, it seems just as you really get going you have to stop and fill the tank back up.
  9. The dust everywhere afterwards is the worst. I've got about 60 feet of black pipe before the air outlet that let's the air cool pretty well before it gets to the end of the hose. My compressor is only a 60 gallon model and runs non stop while blasting but no loss of pressure as far as I can tell. It is pretty cool to see the metal go from painted and rusty to clean white bare metal. My plans are to not blast any outside body panels for that very reason.
  10. After deciding that I wanted to take my car down to bare metal and "do it right" I started researching media blasting. Pretty much everything I read said DO NOT do this yourself, that it's well worth the cost to have someone else do it. I thought "it can't be that bad" plus there is no one local that does it, so I bought a sandblaster from Eastwood and got started. Let me tell you, it's worth it to have someone else do it. It would be OK if a person could do it outside but living in town my neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate the mess. The Eastwood unit actually works really well if you can keep it supplied with dry air and are able to keep the unit filled with media. Any moisture in your air and you'll come to a standstill unclogging the lines. I've attached some pics. This took about 2 1/2 hours to get this far. Also, when you have more time than money this is a pretty good way to go.
  11. +1 on the Eastwood 135 if money is a concern. It works pretty well for the beginner plus it has a 3 year warranty and 30 day like it or return it. Like everyone else said, Practice, Practice, Practice!
  12. A little bit more progress...Made a patch for the rocker panel and welded it in. Still needs work but for a first time welder I think it's workable. Just need to finish welding up a few areas and a little bit of filler. How does the saying go? A little filler and paint makes a welder what he ain't.
  13. Got one just like it. Will definitely be following your progress.
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