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  1. Im looking for the shorter rear window cranks for my 73 convertible. does anyone know where I can get some reproduction ones?
  2. sorry I don't have a picture.....all I have is the cable. I need the complete mechanism that connects to the cable and to the door. Along with the knob and nut.
  3. I am in need of the mirror adjuster for the drivers door. I have the cable but need the whole mechanism that attaches to the panel area. anyone have one?
  4. sorry Vinnie....I didn't realize it mailbox was full. I have it cleaned out now. here is the picture I attached to the pm. you can see it here with a bunch of parts I was taking pictures of. If you're interested in it go ahead and send me a pm.
  5. I believe I have one.... I can look if you haven't found one.
  6. I have a set of original deluxe door panels that I want to use but most if the clips holes have been torn thru on the back cardboard causing it not to hold the clips anymore. does anyone have a trick or experience on how I can repair the clip slots?
  7. The exhaust smoke is blue and lingers....oil for sure. I did scrape the one piston to see what it had been bored out to. The plugs are all new wit h just a few miles. I really appreciate everyone's feed back!
  8. The engine runs very smooth and quite....that's why im having a problem with tearing this motor down. Just smokes and low on compression. Thanks for the ideas thanks for the help what do you guys think about the carbon missing around the edges of the piston top? I have heard people say in the past that that is a sign of ring problems. Do you think these look normal?
  9. the reason I was taking the heads of is because I had low compression in a couple cylinders.... the worst being the 3rd one from the front. After a leakdown test I came up with the conclusion that the exhaust valve was the problem. This engine was supposedly built shortly before I bought it but it did sit for about 4 years before I ran it and it smoked mainly out of passenger side. After pulling the head I don't see much with the initial look at the head:chin:... The engine does seem really clean. The honing in the cylinder doesn't look like it has many miles. Does anything jump out at you all when looking at these new pictures? Can anyone tell if this has hardened seats by the picture? I have never rebuilt a Cleveland.....what is the deal with the intake gasket like this? looks like a heat shield?
  10. Don, Is there much difference between the 70 i have compared to the 73 engine that would have came in my car as far as HP? Im not familiar with the splash shields....are they just for keeping the rockers lubricated better? Do I just add them to what I have? Where are they available and is the a better brand I should look for? Thanks for the help! Bob J thanks Jeff....any idea if 1970 would be ready to burn unleaded fuel? Im not sure when they started switch from leaded. I am wondering if my exhaust valve leakage is because it doesn't have hardened seats.... I bought this from someone that drove about 5000 miles on unleaded fuel and they don't know if anyone put hardened seats when the engine was built.
  11. I am going to pull the heads of my 351C in my 73 and was wondering if there is a way to know what year the engine is by the casting numbers on the heads. I don't think its original to the car. Im taking them in to be rebuilt and wondering if he is going to ask me what year. Also want to make sure I get the correct head gaskets. Thanks UPDATE 12/07/16 Started removing parts to pull heads and now I have a couple casting numbers. See pictures. First picture of head, second of intake. So to me this shows its a 69 correct? Would this be out of a 69? Or was it made in 69 and probably put into a 70?
  12. if I remember correctly.....you need to have the clips in the chrome before you snap the plastic clips in the grille
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