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  1. It looks amazing! Beautiful car! My brother bought the one I have in 1986.
  2. Sexy! The girls aren't bad lookin either :) It might be plain but I think it looks perfect.
  3. The center cap holes is what I was wondering, if they could be added. I was going to ask that question and saw where you said they could be. I don't have a cap to take but for 100 if they look nice I'll probably take them anyway. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. I ran across them just browsing the app. He has $100 on them and for that price I'm interested. I like the look of those wheels. The picture he posted is not great but maybe the holes are there. I do see the black stripe. Unless it's painted like you mentioned doing to yours. I'm looking at them tomorrow after work Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. Weird I was coming here to ask a similar question and this is the top thread. Congrats on the car btw, I love the 70. I think you answered my question but just to clarify. On my local letgo someone is selling the slot wheels but I do not see the screw holes for the center caps. The wheels are listed as 14 x 6 with 4 1/2" bolt pattern. No screw holes mean these are not ford oem correct? Which is fine since it sounds like I could add that but just so I know.
  6. "Ugh! Country rap?!? Hot girl, cool cars but leave the sound off." I actually met some of his people at a gas station and they seem less douchebag in real life. Giving to charity and what not...Of course they may be giving to charity, cherry and mercedes :) LMAO yeah i hear ya! Not trying to promote for the signer, I like all music but I get what you are saying. Not exactly on my playlist but I go from Sinatra to Rhianna to Rob Zombie and everything in between. Most people don't agree with what I like :)
  7. A huge Thank you to all Veterans! Including my father (Air Force) and uncle (Navy) - Korean War. May they RIP. So much thanks and so much respect to them all, past and present!
  8. I may be too drunk to figure it out but i tried posting in youtube section. Cool song and the video has a 71 or 2 in it so thats a plus right :) About 1:26, 1:53 (girl drinking from bottle too) :) 2:43, 3:07...just watch the video, it's not bad
  9. I rarely see them around here but one or two occasionally. Street Rod Nationals in Louisville this year only had two 71-73's. they were nice but still only two that I saw. I am putting mine in it's first show next weekend. Although mine isn't ready imo but my son is really excited about it and has been begging to enter a show. He's only 8 so cant say no to him. BTW I love the stance, wheel and tire combo you have! Would like mine to have that look when I get the cash for it. Looks like your car is going to turn out great!
  10. Sounds good! Thanks guys and yeah i figured that valve wouldn't be working anyways considering the condition. Also great tip on the air pressure test! I have not done one yet but from reading what a pita it is, it would suck to have to do it all over again!
  11. So i must have destroyed my heater core taking out my ac. i know i had a heck of a time getting the evaporator valve out and probably broke something. not probably cause i did since it is pouring coolant. I will eventually replace the core but i don't have time right now and just want to drive the car. I know from reading on here it can be bypassed but have some questions to make sure i do it correctly. I couldn't tell from looking at the hoses but are the pump and intake hoses the same size? If so then it will be ok to just take generic heater hose and run it in between forming a U-shape right? 1973 351C 4v Also I have a valve, or something like a valve in between the two hoses with vacuum lines attached near the pump. Can i just remove that and plug up the vacuum ports? Also on one of the hoses near the firewall there is another valve with some sort of vacuum attached. Would it be ok to remove that as well and just plug that one? Thanks! The first pic is the valve near the water pump and intake manifold. The second pic is the valve near the firewall below the air cleaner. I'm sure you all know that already :)
  12. Yeah the only thing i saw was the space you and the others mentioned when i got it all removed. I did use a stack of washers and at least in my case it was 1/2 inch. My car didn't have the steering cooler so no issues on that. All i need to do now is find or make some caps for the evap lines and i'm good. I didn't touch anything in the car since i figured there is no benefit to it and yeah i may want it back one day. Thanks for all the comments. This really all started because of something else but i do like the look without A/C and since it wasn't working i'm not going to miss it...yet.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply! I think I am good now. On the bracket I was just asking if leaving the old bracket(s) on for now would be ok. I assume it would be fine just not as 'clean' looking. I believe they are 'stacked' at least the one where the idler pulley is attached. The one for the compressor I don't remember. Sorry I am probably making it more complex than it really is but yes your answer makes sense. I'll get back into it later this week or weekend i hope. Good deal on the heater core. I will cap off the a/c lines like you said. The belts I was replacing since mine are old and cracked, may as well do it now before i wish i had. Alternator and power steering is all i need so once i figure out my brackets i'll know how to answer their questions at the store. And yeah same here there are at least a dozen different ones available when i called and looked online.
  14. :) Yes i know it sounds odd but it has never worked anyways since i have owned it. So i wont miss it, windows down works for me. I do have power steering so thanks for that. I can just use the bracket i have for now correct? Now if the heater core is an issue maybe it's not worth removing the A/C. Do i need to replace the heater core with a non A/C one? Everything else sounds pretty simple. I will be keeping everything just so I can put it back later if i want. If not it's nice having all the original equipment with the car anyways. Any idea on the belt questions? I am guessing that different bracket may make a difference on the belts? Thanks for the response and good to know on the bracket!
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