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  1. Hello, Since the last view weeks my car has a new symptom. At 2300 rpm I am having heavy vibrations in my drivetrain. If i change the engine speed +/- 200 rmp everything is fine again. This is independent from the vehicle speed or gear. It`s more or less the same in standstill and N or P position. My transmission is a C6 with stall speed 2000 rpm. I have checked all auxiliary systems (ventilation, servo, alternator) and the exhaust system (to be sure that exhaust does not hammer to carbody). Could this be a problem of my C6 transmission? Does anyone have any ideas ? :huh: Thanks for help.
  2. Hello, I think I’m a lucky guy. By checking the first cable (ground of engine) i saw that the cable shoe was party broken. By touching the cable it brake completely. Now i have replaced the cable shoe and had success with the first test. Thanks for helping.
  3. Good morning, Thanks for all of the Input information. As proposed I think I will start with • Check of cabling • replacing the solenoid • replacing the starter Due to the symptom that the starter does not make a single revolution in case of failure it should not be a problem of timing Keep you informed. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello, Hyena`s starting problem sounds similar to mine. In warm conditions the starter has not enough power to start the engine. No single movement. Sometimes after a view attempts the starter can move the flywheel a view inches and after that is works perfect. Do you think I will need a something like a high torque starter ore just try to replace my old one. best regards Christian Hy Tommy, Thanks for the Link. But i think this one fits only to Windsor engines. The Cleveland has the solenoid inside of the fender.
  5. Hello, Last year i have modified my 351 cleveland to a 408 stroker cleveland. Since we have finished I really have problem to start the engine in warm/hot conditions. No problems in the morning when the engine is cold. Does anyone have knowledge of such a problem ? I have seen some High Torque starters on Ebay but I could find no one matching to my 351C with automatic transmission. Would be fine to get some input for my problem. Best regards Hassler Christian Austria/Europe
  6. Hello, here some news from my heads. Type = D1ZE DA, This means it should be the normal 4V - open chamber with about 75cc. So by stroking my 351C up to 408 the compression will be 10.4 I think this should be OK. According to the new performance i have decided to built a low revolution (up to 5500 rpm) engine with the max torque at low revolution and change my stall speed up to 2000 rpm. My 9" axle is a very long 2,75 and not locked. So i think i will need may torque very early. But maybe in the end of day i have to charge my axle. Now we have ordered the components from the states and we have to wait for several weeks. But in the beginning of March the engine should be finished. I am looking forward to that day.
  7. I would also like to add some pictures :P
  8. Hello, My operation “Cleveland tuning” started today. Tomorrow we will dismount the engine and check the defect camshaft. After that the type of stroker and new camshaft will be fixed and ordered in the states. If everything is fine vehicle should be finish in the end of February.
  9. Hello, You also could measure the voltage on the "Lt Blue-Red" wire direct on the light switch. It should be + 12VDC if you switch on the headlights and turn the position of the dimmer to max (rotate to left). If there is 12VDC there are 2 possibilities for a failure: a.) Problem with the positive wiring. Therefore check the voltage also behind the 4A fuse (2-nd in the line with the 4 in parallel fusing) If fusing is OK check the voltage direct at one the instrument light b.) Problem with the common grounding. All instrument lights have one common grounding connection. This could be checked if you measure the voltage between the ground wire direct on the instrument lamp between vehicle ground. If the voltage is 12V instead of 0V you have a problem with this common grounding connection. If there are no 12VDC, you have to check the incoming power supply to the light switch. Or check the switch. Maybe this will help you.
  10. Hello, Happy new year to all of you ! On the 3-rd of January I have planned to dismount the intake now and check and post you the casting number. I think today and tomorrow I need to relax due to some heavy Sylvester parties here in Tirol. Hope you all had also a nice night :-)
  11. Hello, Thanks for all the information, I have really learned a lot of 4V heads now. The number inside is 1G12 this would then be a 1971 and probably a closed chamber head. But as you told me also, to be shure I will dismount my heads on Monday and check the code with the given links here. Based on the model of my heads I will have then a given compression rate with the 408 stroker from GHP of: Part Number and oversice Cylinder Head Volume 58.0cc 64.0cc 68.0cc 76.0cc 14212+020 12.80 11.88 11.34 10.40 So finally the performance of my engine is also defined by the compression rate and in worst case the open camber would have 76 cc. So my compression would be 10.40. Due to the low compression rate of 10.40 would you say this is also o good combination and the performance will be OK ?
  12. Hello, My 4V Cleveland was an original 2V version. It has been modified by another owner. As I mentioned in a view days before I plan to stoke the block to 393 or 408 cui. Due to the compression rate I have to know the type of my 4V heads because there are 4 differed versions and I don`t know what`s on my engine (but I know there are no BOSS heads) • Standard 4V (61-64cc) • Cobra Jet (74-77cc) • High Output (74-77cc) • Boss (64-67cc) My question is how can I check the type of my 4V heads without dismounting them?
  13. Hello Dennis, Welcome here, i can feel with you my 351 is blown too :-(. Nice car, do you rebild the interrior original or modified ?
  14. Hello, Thanks for your feedback. In principle I would like to have a combination of daily driver and 1/8 mile race. The max. speed is not so important but torque at low rpm and good acceleration would make me happy. There is also no need for a good idle. I have found a forged stroker kit from Speedomotive including HI NODULAR 4.000" STROKER CRANKSHAFT - FORGED 5140 6.000" I BEAM RODS w/ ARP WAVE-LOC BOLTS - FORGED FLAT TOP OR DISHED PISTONS - JE MOLY RINGS - CLEVITE MAIN & ROD BEARINGS - DIGITALLY BALANCED WITIN 1/2 GRAM - BLUEPRINTED & READY TO ASSEMBLE The camshaft would be from Comp Cams Type “Xtreme Energy™, XE256H”. Would you propose also other modifications or does anybody have information’s about the performance (horse powers, torque) for a 408 or 393 Stroker ?
  15. Hello, Hello, Yesterday I read a thread in our European mustang forum from canadien-red-mapple where he informed us about a special forum for 71-73 drivers. This looks what I have been surging for a long time. Thanks to him. I am 40 years old and live with my family in Tirol which is located direct in the Alps in Austria. It’s rather cold in here only during the summer times we have sometimes temperatures > 25 °C. 5 Years ago I bought my first US car the 73 Mach 1.It has been repainted but the technical system was in rather worse conditions. Some of my friends helped me to restore it. This took about 2 and a half year. But now it’s in good condition Engine and transmission has been overhauled, interior is new, electric wiring system has changed…. I and my wife take the car during the summer time as our daily driver for also shopping also. 2008 my Mach got a new friend the 1968 corvette convertible. This car has passed the overhaul now only repainting is still missing. I hope to have some interesting chats in this forum for my planed engine update of the 351 cleveland and other things.
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