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  1. Cubes win every time. The brutal torque from just off idle is intoxicating.
  2. Howards cams work well in clevos. Out of those 2 i would go lunati
  3. Have you considered a custom grind? This is my thinking for picking a hydraulic cam find the one you think is right then go 1 bigger in the same catalog. This usually puts you where you want to be power wise. Just my 2 cents worth. I personally would rather have it slightly rowdier than feel like its not what it should be.
  4. Cruising in a classic car with all the windows down and Tom Petty tunes turned up it. It is almost impossible to feel unhappy.
  5. It is what it looks like
  6. It happens a bit on mild builds, gasket sealing is the trick as Chuck said. The intake port being smaller than the head port is not a huge issue as it works as a sort of anti reversion. Not the most desirable set up but you can make it work.
  7. Its down under mate you just need to look at it upside down :P
  8. Thank you. Its strange i look at it now and see more than a few mitakes but they are part of the cars story so I leave them be.
  9. Thanks. Yes it is the first car I built. I stripped it to bare metal and done almost everything my self except the paint. I have never built another car to this extent but finished off another build in the pic as a tuff street car with a 600ish 454 in it and I never really touched the 73 Mach 1. Colour coded engine bay and block always looks kind of nice i think.
  10. This is a 71 Holden Monaro. I started to built as a 17yo and took a few years to finish. That 20+ year ago.
  11. If you have 4Vs use them. Especially given what you guys pay for our heads. 2V build will hit your target easy but so will your heads for no extra cost
  12. Its a pretty horrible experience having a rowdy aspirated streeter on e85 as a daily driver. It is a lot more corrosive than you would think. Kills paint. In really tuff applications you are using near methanol volumes of fuel,the payoff is great torque 14:1 comp and or cool running engines blown or otherwise on the street.
  13. I haven't checked in for awhile, looking really good Ray.
  14. Still a very cool thread. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build
  15. Can you send them back and get crane's? Jesel and crower do tool steel roller's but probably a bit of overkill unless you are like me, I can only afford to build these things once I sure as shit can't afford to do it twice. Buy once cry once is how I build my gear
  16. Crane also has some really good SFT grinds for clevos. Crane solids like f246 or f268 have been the go to cam for stout streeters here for year's. However the grinds are getting old now and the same goes with bullet to a very small degree. That's why I would be talking to Jones or Lykins first 4Vforever is absolutely correct about cheaper variants of morel being made in China.
  17. Why not contact Jones cams or Bullet and get a custom cam that fits your needs. Just tell them your intended use. I would have no problem getting a cam and springs of these guy's and go with their recommendations on lifters. Crane lifters are a nice lower price option or crower for peace of mind,everything else seems to be luck of the draw these day's
  18. Crane 278h works nice in a daily. Providing you have springs etc to handle it
  19. Thanks for posting. So many cool cars in that first pic ::thumb::
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