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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is the detail that makes for a great build. So many just show the cool big jobs buts it's this small and time consuming "boring" work that is so often overlook ::thumb::
  2. You will get away with 11:1 comp on 98 with an iron head. More with e85. My guess is with a zero deck height and a standard gasket it would be close to 12:1. Cheap but I would probably pass. Also nothing wrong with open chamber V4s they will make 500+ in the right combo. Good luck
  3. What octane fuel do you have in Sweden 98 like us? Is e85 an option?
  4. I checked TMeyer's site and the only ones he advertises are the Lunati ones. Lunati are comp now too. Jesel Morel or Crower. Never seen a bad Crower part yet. I will be running a pretty large hyd roller in a 650ish HP 383 and Crowers look like the only reliable hydro lifter out there in my opinion
  5. This is my thoughts. LS cheap easy HP they fit in everything. However I tend to look at them as exactly that disposable hp, hang a turbo or a blower on a stocko LS make 1200-1600hp spank it's arse for 2000kms then go to the wreckers and repeat. A well built clevo or even a Windsor would have more of a sense of achievement and owner pride to me in a mustang and last for years. A cranky high winding clevo will certainly get your nuts clacking. I am a chevy guy if I was going LS it would be a Lsx454r or better still Sb2. However at the end of the day your car your choice
  6. Just be aware with a high flow system sometimes you will need to up the vent size. The fuel system has a lot of outward flow so your breather needs to keep it from pulling a vacuum
  7. If your planning on racing build a pick up in the rear of the tank. This also solves the pick up/sender issue and gives you a place to mount a filter. Make it so it is the lowest point and at the centre rear of the tank that way you will always have fuel.
  8. The old saying used to be 2Vs for ETs 4Vs for mph. For streeters anyway. Your right cheap alloy head's have stopped alot of people playing with 2Vs however there is a reason chi etc still make 2Vs. lots nice punchy combos up to 550 with 2V chi heads dual plane and hyd flat tappet getting about. Race Saturday night take the family for a cruise down the coast Sunday drive it to work Monday.
  9. I was thinking about doing the same thing to mine but haven't figured out all the parts I need yet, still a long way away from playing with the engine. What i'm curious about tho is.... how much $$? Being in the state's it would be a lot cheaper than here. Use stock 4Vs that would keep cost down and still hit these numbers
  10. Not mine unfortunately Chuck. I have gone back to the darkside SBC's. Will be building a hydraulic roller 383 sbc that will be a real street 570-620hp deal. I could start a thread if people are interested
  11. 109 lobe Sep custom hydraulic roller. It wouldn't have huge lift. 3Vs are a very good head lots of Port velocity. They can be made to flow 294@400 330@500
  12. Yes we have access too 98octane pump gas. Your fuel seems to have a faster burn rate than ours so it's good in that regard.
  13. For those interested in building a true street 408 Cleveland with hydraulic roller cam and dual plane, it could have made a bit more horsepower but Look at the torque figures nice engine std block 408ci 11.6 comp 240@050 hyd roller cam CHI 3v 208cc heads CH dual plane 750 quck fuel ICE ignition 1 3/4 4into1 pipes bp98 fuel 550hp @6000 538ftlb tq @4450
  14. The Aussie Barra 6 is the worlds greatest kept performance secret. Those things are awesome. 900hp at the tyres race all weekend and drive it to work all week.
  15. The are also doing real street 600hp 412ci Clevos hydraulic roller cast 4vs stock appearing engine. Jason you should stick one in the coon
  16. I wish it was mine as well. As it is from what started out as a basic overhaul of the engine has turned out to be much more than originally planned. The best part about a chev is the price of parts, plus it doesn't take much of a brain to slap one together, lol. As I've always said, imagine if the Cleveland got the years of R&D and different parts suppliers the Chevy's have had, the mind boggles. How'd you go with what we were speaking about the other day? That really is some beautiful machine work there and may be in the same boat as you and use them for machine work. As I said to you mate, I'll ask one question about their machining and if they can't give me answer I want, then I'll keep looking, but I suspect they'll know what I'm after. Unfortunately all the good machine shops I knew of are now closed (like I did) as there where just too many shops competing and people expecting you to do high quality workmanship for the crap shops prices, or the remaining ones prices are so stupid to even contemplate, like we were talking about the piston machining, just about cheaper to buy new Pistons then to pay what they want to charge to do some piston machine work. BTW not bad numbers from a N/A engine, better stop looking at these pics, the mind is ticking and don't want to end up in divorce court, lol To slow went straight back there and they where gone bugger
  17. Actually both engines are in street cars. the 1100hp engine is in a red xd falcon.
  18. Update the d3 headed engine went 1115 hp at 9200 rpm. It's a wet sump engine to so ultra impressive
  19. That's a really cool detail Ray I like it. ::thumb::
  20. One of their in house 8degree sbc heads. Superb machining. One of these spacers showed an extra 20hp on the dyno, obviously spot on for that combo. seriously thought about having them build my engine. But will get them to machine everything and a mechanic mate and I will build it. I need a massive amount of supervision haha then he will still have to check everything and tune it lol
  21. I wish, the little 580ish pump gas 383 that I will build would only be good enough as a starter for them. It will however be alot cheaper and easy to live with just, don't tell anyone it's a chevy ok
  22. From Tremayne 450ci SBF 950hp The engine with the big 3Vs is a 440ci sbf streeter. Very Tuff. They are putting together a lot of excellent engines there and seem to have alot of very nice ford builds. The cnc work they do on roush Yates head's is magic. But their own nxtgen sbf heads look brilliant. Pic is of one being made.
  23. It was at Tremaniac racing in browns plains. They seem to be putting together some very Tuff sbf stuff at the moment 900hp out of 440-450 cube engines very stout. Scott Cook gear is great a friends xy ute is making just on 530hp with his dual plane and heads love it because it looks almost stock when you lift the lid on it. Sorry Jason no Clevos for this Monaro lol.
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