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  1. Just thought I would share this. SCE manifold on some D3s sitting in a prominent QLD engine builders shop. The manifold will need some work to fit the lifted port location of the Yates heads. Scott Cook has stated that he has some new manifolds on the way that should bolt straight up.
  2. There is a bloke that goes to Fraggles cruise regularly that has a 71-73 and a few other mustangs maybe you could try catching him if your in Launceston. Good luck with your build
  3. Welcome. Where in Tassie are you Len
  4. To be honest Randy, Australia today has become a another State of America in many ways. Americans would feel very much at home here as we have adopted so much of your culture since World War 2. Also, i am proud to say that in general terms,and across the board, we enjoy a better life style than people do in America and Canada.So i would love to visit America and Canada, but would not want to live there for varied reasons thanks. Greg. I would certainly be interested to hear, in general terms of course... how you feel that your life style is better then here in North America... Interesting comment you made there... In general terms and not being derogatory or negative about any country I certainly don't hate the USA or Canada so at great risk of sounding like an assh*le here it goes, we enjoy greater personal/civil liberty, financial freedom, freedom of movement, political rights and human rights, labour freedom etc than North America. These are all quantifiable measures, Australia is in the top 5 freest countries in the world. Most Aussies will also admit to the country being what its was, having lost small liberties, kiwi's have it slightly better in the personal Freedom stakes, But I will never publicly acknowledge that kiwi's do anything better than Aus:P Not one bit of this makes a single scrap of difference if you like where you live:cool:. Everywhere has positive and negatives and its better to have you guys as friends then enemies ::thumb::
  5. It's no longer regoed on that plate. I just checked sorry no help
  6. Chopped and channelled Charger up's the aggression some what. Your mustang should look equally bad ass
  7. That's not good from passon. 2 options left really GV or a different gear set in the rear. GV being the most flexible option
  8. that's cool being able to run the bigger rubber ::thumb::. Tuff call on the box, GV setups are a bit of an unknown here in Aus so no comment. The upside is you already have hands on experience with GV and 2000 that's a pretty good saving There are guys here running turbo LA engines that swear by Passon boxes. But now wait times are a negative and If you can confirm them jumping out of gear that's another worry. Many pros and cons for sure hard choice. I have been asking around about the idle solenoid for you as expected no luck the only thing that surfaced was a AC idle solenoid for a Jeep Wagoneer lol
  9. I thought the stock lights would still mimic the rear profile of the car they do and that's cool. Love your work
  10. If you can get away with it run the larger tires it will give it a NASCAR vibe. For my personal taste I would go with a 4.5 back space just to fill large rear guards. Cannot help with back space on the front or even guess clearances on the front. Can you borrow a wheel to test fit it
  11. John I possibly will be in Sydney mid Feb and Hobart soon after. If the dates match up I would be happy to catch up and maybe have a feed together. Cannot confirm dates just yet
  12. My thoughts on tail lights. I have a preference for stock looking lights as they are a major style que for these cars. Custom bezels and sequential LEDs will tidy it up nicely
  13. Looks great Ray. You must be happy with how its shaping up.
  14. Looks really clean everywhere else. Making good progress
  15. Looks good John. I rely enjoy this thread thanks for taking the extra time to share.
  16. That ute is awesome. Ed you need a Ranchero
  17. Got a part number I will have a look here for you just in case its a crossover type part on any of our local chrysler stuff. Doubt it but cannot hurt.
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