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  1. Well that's not a terrible thing Ray.
  2. Thanks Luke ? Like the grill,lights and scoop just looks tuff. For what ever reason i am getting a aussie xc coupe vibe from the whole front but much leaner and cleaner.I do like the suggestion of a shaker. Good work mate been waiting for new posts on your build.
  3. Hi All I just brought these cool tees thought I would share for anyone that digs old racing stuff. Few pics and the link [/img] [/img] http://1320graphix.net/products/sohc-427-hemi-hunter
  4. Sweet. It will look awesome. Are you going for stock ride height
  5. Everything else looks very clean and rust free. Really enjoy seeing your up dates and discoveries. Thanks for sharing
  6. Do you think the wiper motor was replaced somewhere along its life or is it a factory parts bin mismatch. 1 of my cars came down the line as a top engine spec car then the order was changed to a lower spec car. It is one of the last cars of that model run so it has lots of things that are not supposed to be on that optioned vehicle because of the very late change in engine order. Wonder if something like this happened to the RR as it is a very interesting spec car.
  7. Wow, they are asking much more than I thought they are worth. I got mine for $400.00 but it was pretty much trashed. I fixed it up as a daily driver and it looks good but I really want to do a full on resto on that too. Maybe after I finish the RR I'll do a frame off resto of that truck. I need a shop for my projects :) I reckon its 8-10 grand over the market at the moment. there is a 1 owner 440 adventurer that has been for sale for most of the year at 15.5 and not selling. Cool truck but it will be around for awhile its roadrunner or cuda money here.
  8. John just fyi lil red express found it while I was checking on my own add. http://www.justauto.com.au/justcars/cars-for-sale/1979-DODGE-LIL-RED-EXPRESS-TRUCK-JCW3881706?backurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.justauto.com.au%2Fjustcars%2Fsearch%3Fkeywords%3DDodge&backtext=Results
  9. Very good. John is that a red dodge pick up I see.
  10. Yes looks like you should be able to reform them. Underside looks pretty good.
  11. I think it would depend on whether the lips have been cut then rolled or just rolled also how much care the PO took doing it, also what it all looks like when the paint comes off.For me it's the grill and rear guards that are signatures of these particular B bodies so in my mind it warrants a good repairs. Again just a opinion from half a world away mate. Funny thing how fuselage mopars where unwanted for years here in Australia now the prices are starting to creep just like 71-73 mustangs. Do all of us on the forum have strange taste or are we ahead of the herd
  12. John that looks like a nice car for the money on the pics at least. Here are my thoughts on restoring the RR. I think that this is a pretty unique car so stock standard is where the value is as far as resale well at least here in Aus. Here is where I am at personally stock is fine but if you like to enjoy your car slight mods make the whole thing more pleasant. I would probably try to put the lips back on and just sacrifice a tire size or two in width if you are going to run mags. I know you are going overdrive and I personally would have no hesitation in running different pipes and period correct mags on it, kind like if you brought it brand new and went straight around to the tyre shop and exhaust place the next morning I would probably lower the whole thing about 2in from stock too. These are all minor things that can be reversed. That's just me at the end of the day your call, its going to be a sweet thing no matter what.
  13. Looks like someone put a hook in the chassis rail and tried to pull the car backwards for whatever reason. I would just check the drivers side floor and frame rail common mopar rust spots even in dry cars. Trunk is most likely a result of a leak around the back window because of the few rust spots you found there.
  14. Looks heaps better thanks Sic. I think its just the huge bumper on the El Camino that kills it. We have a Aus car that it kind reminds me of [/img]
  15. This is why you guys rock thanks for the info. Really its the huge bumper that makes it look bad. I was thinking about the same build as my other 454 car only going 496 rather than 468 its a solid 600hp build maybe a small hyd roller 650 should be pretty easy.
  16. John 66-70 El Camino's are sweet looking things. Price is why I haven't just dismissed it, the thing is cheaper than one of our own v8 73 Utes. Will see where it goes he isn't advertising and I am in no hurry.
  17. Thanks Sic. Started to think well I can't see the grill and huge bumper from the drives seat haha.
  18. Hi All I have just found a 73 elky ss454 it has some nice option its red has AC pwr steer and brakes swivel seat, it appears to be a good solid dry car/ute the bed area looks exceptionally clean and straight and its matching numbers. The price is around 8500aud so its do able. My questions are as follows Rare are these Utes in the USA. It has probably the ugliest front end I have seen on a car will earlier 70-72 front sheet metal fit or do you need to change out the radiator support panels. It would be a nice rig if you dropped the rear bumper off it and ran it low as hell,but that front end has me cringing.
  19. Not sure John was mostly looking for rear quarters and rocker panels
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