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  1. Keep it simple chassis bolt to one of the bolts in the block where the Mount bolts on
  2. Seen this parked behind the local radio station. Sounded mean when I heard it later. Interesting plate. If I see the person I will invite them here.
  3. Would be common on any sort of preformance engine. Tag the chain to one of the bolts that bolt the Mount to the chassis.
  4. Thanks Lars getting slowly there buddy had a few teething issues to sort out
  5. That's cool John. I get In and out of Sydney a bit with work. It's a bit random so I can't give you days but shout out before you come you never know I could be around. Haha it's got abit of torque
  6. Almost done now the detail stuff starts the 10% that takes 90% of the time [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] The Air Con I was going to install is a bit too tight need to revise some brackets
  7. There seems to be a few Arrow blocks around again so 1 more true cleveland block to consider. They did have some quality issues early on and supply has always been an issue. But I know of a bloke that got 2 about a month ago so maybe worth chasing. [/img] This ones a 434 making about 750-780 https://www.pavtek.com.au/index.php/component/content/article/7-parts-a-products/parts-a-products/236-new-ford-cleveland-aftermarket-block Lots of big hp Clevelands about down here. Good machining and attention to detail an absolute must especially when you start turning them to 8 or 9000rpm
  8. That's cool technology thanks for posting . As a hot rodder The only problem I see is if there's some kind of failure it's a new block. LS engines are bad enough with only 10thou available in the bore
  9. The Rubber the rake you know I dig it the most. Just know that car has been used hard. ::thumb::
  10. I missed this by a lot of years,but often think if I was about then and in the USA what would I have got. I like to think it would be something cool like a cyclone spoiler or Talladega or anything hemi. But it wouldn't it would be a Chevelle or Buick GS or Olds W30 how very ordinary.
  11. Thought this was worth a share. Gets my imagination revving
  12. Looks like an old photo from the 70s
  13. Sounds good. Big wait list hope that that's an endorsement in its self. There is an A833 5 speed out of trucks and A bodies but it has a small input shaft so not ideal for big blocks and to much mucking around for you. They are getting popular here on all our 318 360 cars but the Passon performance option seems way better and looks correct for your build.
  14. These passon conversions pretty good,I know of 1 that is behind a 505 wedge in a 69 charger it has held to the torque for about 2yrs now and another on a boosted 360 stroker in a VF valiant Yes I believe the hemi conversion replaces all the internals then just turns 4th into OD so your 4.11s would effectively be 3.23s there was a write up in hot rod awhile back they said good things and the new internals look good. I suppose it comes down to time and budget. If you have time I would go for the 5 speed personally but that's just me.
  15. There are a few guys running that box here in Aus with good result. Very popular with the people that have turboed cars
  16. 650 and a dual plane would make it happier straight up
  17. I would just get a regular Vert and put a crate 526 Hemi in it.
  18. Yes great days. That's alot of the reason I want my Monaro back. It's not a time machine but the memories it stirs are exactly as you said. Broke, too dumb to be scared, 4 or 5 of your best friends cruising about looking for fun in a car that would be considered dangerous now. Street racing, eating fish and chips at 2 in the morning while listening to AC/DC ,prowling for the local talent,4am break downs on the wrong side of town,the odd punch up. A weeks worth of this would kill me now but I am glad I got to do my share
  19. Haha love it didn't say I could afford it just that that was tip top. My mate had a Zd with a similar set up don't think it was a Z50 but the thing was narrow like 104 lobe Sep a tunnel ram and centre squirters with flogged linkages or whatever you want to call them little gears on the side.It was a pig with a capital P completely frigging painful dog and to make it worse it had 3.25 gears and a 2000rpm no name stall. F@cking horrible and then some. We had a ball in it
  20. Yes things have come along some from when a 378 with a crane f260 was near the top of the tree for tuff Street clevos haha. Looks like there maybe a few arrow blocks around heard of a bloke getting 2 new 1s at the start of the week This same car in the video ran a string of back to back 8.94s all at 151mph this weekend in Sydney,reckon it's consitant hehe
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