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  1. Welcome to the site. What kinda of custom bike u building any pics
  2. New plugs then cruised the beach in the Mach 1 along with my mate with a hemi orange charger :cool: then hit 100mph on the run home :D charger went over 130 :( little bit naughty but its the weekend ;)
  3. ::welcome:: Hi All Just wondering what to do with my 73 Mach 1 h code. Its all original and appears to only have 18000 genuine mile on it. Power steer pwr tint windows ac power brakes lots of options and in the sort of condition you would expect for the miles with no rust. it is a beautiful car. My problem is I have a taste for modified high hp vehicles but I cant bring myself to start modifying such a sweet car. I live in Australia and 71 - 73 stangs don't have much of a following here. do I sell and buy a hot rod or do I keep it enjoy it as a awesome low mile car or do I build a 500hp + 393 :huh:
  4. I am thinking of putting billet specialtiies legacy wheels on my ride. If Anyone else has got them or halibrand sprints or wheels of a similar style I would love some pics :):) I mocked one up on the game gt5 or froza not sure which but it had a 71 mach 1 you can customise a bit.
  5. Welcome from the Rum City;) Bundy QLD
  6. thanks for the tip. have you/will you put your car on the track or you just happy with a tuff streeter
  7. welcome from Bundaberg Australia
  8. I agree cz 22s are brilliant, they have a huge reputation in Australia
  9. Hello everybody anyone got a CZ 527 carbine in 7.62x39. I want one, they look like fine rifles and have a outstanding reputation for accuracy. 7.62x39 is a well proven pig cartridge here in Aus and should be nice in a compact bolt gun like the cz All feedback welcome. I am using it for pigs, goats , fun and wont be shooting more than 150yds.I already have guns that will step out beyond that;)
  10. Howdy just a quick update TFS heads in Australia run over $4000. Much cheaper if I get them from jegs or summit ex USA. CHI's are about a grand cheaper but they are cheaper still in the US. CHI are made here in Aus so you would expect equal cost at least. Still looking into iron dart top end kit. Will update on that later. Speed costs money, true, but nobody likes to get ripped off.:@
  11. Howzit sports fans ;) Dum question :huh:. what are stock 73 Mach 1 exhaust tips suppose to look like for duel exhaust cars? No Valance cut outs, pics would be appreciated thanks Luke
  12. Many thanks TFS heads never even thought of them. May have to investigate prices. 521 hp @ 6000 is right on the money. I was looking at 523 at 6500 give or take 10hp in the real world. Was also a bit amazed at the similar build specs that I have planned just 408 vs 393 and I will go pro systems carb or quick fuel instead of holley. Thanks for the edelbrock tip off too. Ps love them stealthy dove head 460 builds. A friend had 1 in a 70 galaxie I liked it lots, block long burnouts no worries
  13. Nice welcome from Australia
  14. How about something like this http://www.summitracing.com/parts/fms-m6007d347sr/overview/make/ford seems to tick the boxes and sounds like a tuff little combo
  15. Luke

    Hi All

    Lol sweet. got a wing and spoiler for mine
  16. CHI are good heads. The 3v would suit my application. They are good for 580. My engine wont be a big revver so probably wouldn't need 4vs. CHI 3v run at about 3000 of our pacific pasos. The whole dart kit was around the same that's why I was considering them Cleveland I agree very doable its only about 1.3 hp per cubic inch in a 393. should be a good balance between torque and revvability. I am aware of clevo block limitations but this should be ok X2, 500hp from anything is certainly not "lazy" unless you are talking turbocharged. A naturally aspirated 500hp will be tempermental at best. It takes work to build the cylinder pressure it takes to support that. As for heads, the CHI are nice but not budget. You can make decent power with modified 2v and 4v factory heads. thanks Jeff you are right with chi not being budget heads. I was looking at not having to spend a lot of time on stock 2Vs. That said there are lots of stock headed or stock stroke clevelands at willowbank (local drag strip)making or exceeding my target window for hp. My car wont see a lot of track action so I probably don't need all the very best parts but budget and cheap are very different things as you are aware.
  17. Hi All Thanks for the warm welcome on the introduction page. I am Looking for some input on what heads to put on a 393 stroker. I am not chasing big power. A lazy 480-525 is just fine. I am thinking about a dart iron eagle top end kit or maybe a edelbrock top end kit for this little roller cammed engine. What are your thoughts on these options it is not a high dollar build so no need for yates heads or other exotics. Appreciate any comments advice etc from anyone running either of these set ups achieving close to my HP estimates Luke
  18. Luke

    Hi All

    [/img] This is it, has a set of magnum 500 on it now but no other changes
  19. Luke

    Hi All

    Hi Greg I am in Bundaberg My Car
  20. Luke

    Hi All

    Hi matrix Thanks. will upload some pictures soonest. Like I said first post on any forum every so not even sure I am doing the reply thing right. Bit technologically challenged, to many hours spent in sheds with good but very questionable mates
  21. Luke

    Hi All

    Hello Everyone I am Luke from Queensland Australia just wanting to introduce myself I have a Stock mid blue 73 Mach 1. I plan to build a stout 393 for it some time in the next 2 years but that's about all. I confess to having only owned GM muscle in the past. So I will probably ask lots of dopey questions. Oh and this is the first forum I have ever posted on
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