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  1. Here is a short video with engine running. I think it looks and sounds good.
  2. Ok here it is: I am ....!!! :s Today I installed the spacer and the new fan clutch that I damaged last time. While the fan was not mounted I took the fan shroud and hold it against the radiator and... I fits! Ok, it did before I tried to recut it so it would fit! The last time I placed it upside down... :@ So, one good news and one bad, the good is, the fan is running in good condition and smooth, the bad is I need to fix the fan shroud or buy a new one. :( Thx for your answers and pics, they really helped me! All of you have a nice weeekend! cya Dennis
  3. Maybe this saturday I find some time and coolness to start a second try.
  4. Thanks for the pics, they help a lot. These are 2 pics how it looks now on mine but at this time without the shroud and no spacer installed.
  5. Not really ;) But also it would be a nice safety feature with no open fan blades ^^
  6. Hi everyone I wanted to know if someone has some pics for me showing the installation of their fan shroud. If installed... I have a 302 Windsor Engine, it had no fanshroud when I bought the car but I want to add one for better cooling. So I bought this: http://www.cjponyparts.com/fan-shroud-302-with-air-conditioning-351c-1971-1973/p/FANS13/ But the radiator which is installed is a little bigger so it doesn't fit right. If someone has a good advice for me I would be really grateful. Can I recut the one I have, should I buy a new one or leave it off...? cheers Dennis
  7. Today I will take my Stang for a ride with my buddy! Weather looks nice over here, finally!
  8. Today I will clean and polish my rims for tomorrow -> StreetMag Hamburg ;) And maybe I can fix that wiperthingy...
  9. 27 US Dollar??? That is NOTHING, compared to german prices ;) I will think about it, I have birthday next month :D *hellishlaughter* #PY-1404 would be enough, and a fan-shroud for an 302 Windsor witch A/C... allthough it is ripped out :) #D1ZZ-8146 + #F-1525 Do I only need 2 screws to fix it???
  10. Actually I have two keys, one for the doors and one to start the engine. Yep, it looks like the securing pin is missing then... damn I have just a hole in my Locking Cylinder, nothing in it. Is it possible to replace the pin??? A small pin with spring??? I was allready looking for a new one on the internet but couldn't find one... I looked at CJPonyparts, VelocityCustom, RSB Mustang, no Lock Cylinders for 71 Mustangs, they all looked different. I will do a pic of my cylinder :D and post it :P
  11. Hello After months of nothingness, here I am again, because no one can help me on Dr.Mustang... Here is my problem: I can pull my Lock Cylinder out whenever I want, it is not secured. I looked through my ShopManuals and found the installation drawings, I tried it but the cylinder won't lock in place. How tough do I have to push the pin in my cylinder? It is 'new'. I got it 2 years ago and never minded that it was loose. But now I would like to have it locked in place as it should be! Can I actually see the pin in my cylinder? Because, ähm, I cant see a pin ;) Maybe it tore off?
  12. @ Mustang72ht Look at your VIN, there you can see if it is a Grande or an GT. But for the first look I say it is a Grande ;)
  13. I'm happy about every piece of advice! So, just tell me where I should look carefully, where problems of all kinds could hide. I'm a 'Noobster' ;) and willing to learn!
  14. I think I'm going to customize the interior a little bit, it had a poison green carpet now it is ripped out I think I'm going to replace it with a black one. First to get rid of the rust!!! The body was ''modified'' to look like Eleanore ;) See the hoodscoop and the rear upper trunk. This was not my work. But I will keep it and sometime in the future it will get the matching color, silver-metallic/black stripes. I look to the future and I know the car will look 'Kick-Ass' when it's done! @ david: I live in Harsefeld near Hamburg. ( Hope my grammar is not that bad )
  15. Hello My name is Dennis, I live in germany and I'm 27 years old/young. My ride is an 1971 Mustang Grande, bought 6 months ago. It has a changed 302 from the original 351 engine, the former owner blew it! I'm currently doing some interior work to have it shiny on the road again by april 2011. Hope to meet some new people with the same 'V8-Grin-Virus' :-) Have a nice day and a happy new year!
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