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  1. Actual sheet metal:


    You can basically cut off all the rear exterior panels, pull the fenders and hood and you now have skinned a cat into a horse. Same chassis underneath.


    The doors are also the same.


    The top frame is identical


    I love Cougars as parts cars.


    All of my power window donors were Cougars


    I probably parted out some cats that should have been saved. Sniff.....


    - Paul

    So if I understand you correctly the quarters, hood and fenders are different. Right?

    I read elsewhere here that the door skins are different.

  2. I'm so bummed. I lost my chance to get the Holy Grail car. I can't even think about any other car now as all of them will pale in comparison to the car I just lost the chance to purchase. I may get over it in time but as of right now I seriously doubt it.

    It has knocked the wind out if my sails and I don't even want to look for another car.

  3. I am looking to sell my Florida car to try and fund my need for a stang.

    Here is the link to the ad:


    PM me for a better price to forum members. thanks


    Must be tough going under an overpass with that flag mounted to the car!!!


    My brother's first new car looked just like that (sans flag)!!!!




    Actually it's not a flagpole but is the mast for the sail. It is the Sail America Edition afterall.lollerz

    Seriously though I thought it would look good parked in front of the flag because the car is also called the Star & Stripes edition.

  4. I won't be seeing the seller until next week and I have decided to pass on the car. FYI he is asking $11,350 for the car as it sits and $15K with the A/C system installed.

    I might have the opportunity to purchase what is in my opinion the Holy Grail of all 71 to 73 Mustangs. The purchase will be months away due to personal constraints($) at the moment. Between this opportunity and the sellers higher that what I am willing to pay for the green car will halt my search for a car at the moment.

    Thank you all for your input and advice.

  5. Yeah I'm definitely not looking for a car to rebuild. Rusted out is a deal killer for me. I bought a local CDN 61 Lincoln and after 4 years we are still in metal work. The only part of the car that didn't need rust repair was the hood. The reason it is taking so long is that you can't buy replacement panels for a 61 Linc so everything needs to hand fabbed.

    Ideally I would find a nice rust free highly optioned car with good paint and interior that needs no mechanical work and is reasonably priced. Yeah I know that's like finding a needle in a haystack

    I'm just about to pass on the OP car as the seller is a custom shop and won't really budge on the price. He doesn't need to sell and will redo the car himself with a color change to blue with a black interior and then sell for a much higher asking price. I will try to approach him next week with a lower offer but I don't hold much hope in him accepting it.

    There is a pretty nice red Mach at home for $20K that I may look at in the spring when I get home if it is still for sale.

  6. Wow, TN, Florida --this car is getting around. I see what appears to be the same car on Craigslist ad from Georgia.




    Yes I saw that car too. The upholstery is ripped and if you look at the shot of the engine the clearcoat is peeling on the pass fender top. It doesn't have the folding rear seat. I considered going to look at that car but it's a 6 hr drive from where I am now and it may be a bondo buggy for all I know.

  7. Chris,


    I think you need to let everyone know what your looking for as that would help out as far as their input...original car vs modified, one 95% done, driver vs higher end, one to restore etc.


    Couple quick points about this car...never been a fan of the green interior and I don't think many others are when you go to sell. If it was an all original special car it wouldn't matter so much. Car is pretty short on options and the key one A/C is missing, has standard door panels, no console, no gauge package, engine modified what else.


    Another good way to determine value is to look on ebay at completed auctions. Takes some time but will give you a real good sense of what these are really worth with pictures and description.


    Again, if we know precisely what your looking for we can help you out more.

    Im all about originality if possible. What drew me to this car is the paint job. It's pretty good although it could use a wet sand and polish to be real nice. The body is from what I can tell rust free. Looking into the wheelwells and underneath the car it all looks original and sans rust. Cowl, torques, shock towers are all good, no bondo in the quarters, doors or fenders.

    I completely missed the guage package not being there.

    My thoughts were to update the interior with deluxe seats in white with silver trim, white deluxe door panels with green carpet, white 1/4 panel trim and keep the carpet, dash pad and headliner/sunvisors green. I'm not totally in love with green either so I thought that would be one way to brighten up the interior. Possibly update to guage package and full console and maybe even power windows and a rim blow steering wheel. I would also reinstall the A/C system of course.

    BTW are the rear 1/4 windows supposed to roll down? The trim panels have no cutouts for crank handles and there are no handles to crank them down.

    What I am looking for is as many opinons on the condition of the car as possible and what the expert eyes may see that I don't. Ulimately I would like to have a very good quality driver not a trailer queen.

  8. I looks like it has a leak in the trim along the right side of the roof or the rear side window, water standing on the inside panel. YES THE 1/4 window weatherstripping is old and leaks, they had just washed the car.The NASA hood might not be original since you got hood locks with the Argent hood treatment. You could get the NASA hood without the Argent or Black on the hood but you got hood locks if you go the paint. I'm not sure about the hood but for sure the repaint may not match the original.

    You can get the simple marti for $18.00 that would tell you how the car was. You said it was an H code check for the VIN# to be stamped into the block right below the head on the drivers side. Difficult to see but if not original numbers matching hurts the price. Said to be numbers matching rebuilt motor . I would confirm before purchase.

    I don't think you said a price. I'm withholding the asking price for now to see what others estimate the value.

    Do you get the parts for the air with the car?

    It was a pretty bare bones car looks like are you sure it was a Mach 1?

    63R on door tag or 05 in Vin# makes it a Mach 1. Yes 63R on door and 5 in VIN.

    63D on door tag or 02 in the Vin# makes it a Sportsroof.

    What color should it be? That hurts when you go to sell but if you want the green that is up to you. 4Q paint(green) and AR trim(standard green)

    With the side trim that separates the argent from the green there should be no side stripe just the Mach 1 verbiage on the front fender.

    I think there should also be a power steering cooler when you have the wide radiator and air cond..

    With color change and bare bones and mods to engine I don't see paying over $4,000 - $4,500 unless it is just what you want. That is saying that the paint is good and engine needs no work and the VIN and engine numbers match. The transmission also has the VIN stamped on it and should match.

    I am a picky person and original always gets more bucks than modified to the high end buyer.

    Do your searching this is the time of year to buy it is a buyers market in December. There are always lots of 71 - 73 cars on the market.


  9. Hi again. It's been a while since I posted. I'm looking at a car and would like opinions as to condition and value.

    It's a 72 Mach 1 H code originally but now a 4 BBL. Standard interior that is original, Nice repaint in a non original green. AC car originally but now all removed.Heater core bypassed. Fold down rear seat. Original radio included but once had aftermarket stereo and now wires are cut. Rust free doors,fenders, quarters, cowl, floor,trunk pan, torques etc. Runs & drives nice & straight. New gas tank, lines & Holley carb. New rear brakes & some lines at the master to the prop valve. New exhaust from the headers back. tires look like no wear but I don't know the age.

    Please let me know what you see and think about the car and it's value.










  10. Kinda looks like a truck 302 EFI, Mustang 5.0 had nicer valve covers on them. Interesting that eng compartment painted blue. What oil pan is on it? Fox bodies have a rear sump pan and would explain why motor is not bolted up to trans.


    I have no idea what oil pan is on the motor. I didn't see the car in person. It's 250 miles away from me in Miami. Big Blue looked at the car for me. P.S. csn you tell from this pic showing the underneath?


  11. That's what I was told by a friend who looked at the car. I wanted to be sure. Without the numbers matching engine it really lowers the value of the car IMHO. Thanks.


    Really depends on what kind of car it is in the first place. If it started life as a plain jane Mustang the swapped engine isn't as big of a deal as if it was a 289H or a Boss or ....


    I would be more concerned it isn't attached to the transmission. lollerz


    The car is an Olympic Sprint Edition. I know they don't bring top dollar but if they have any value it's in being all original. This particular car is a wreck, hit from behind, dismantled and abandoned in the middle of a backyard "restoration".

  12. Just so you know for the future: there is no such thing as numbers matching car with Ford. That's a GM thing where the engine and trans. are unit specific. Ford has codes for engines and trans and rear diff. but for instance a Q code 351 Cleveland out of a 72 Torino is exactly the same as a Q code out of a Mustang. As long as its the same code and the same year they are interchangeable.


    Well all the information I have read states that the engine block has a partial VIN stamped on it. So the block is "numbers matching".

  13. Hey Mjlan I put the whole idea of purchasing the car on hold for the winter. I have found out since starting this thread that the motor has also been swapped out. The car needs everything and will never be a numbers matching car now so probably I won't go ahead with the purchase. The purchase also had the requirement that the buyer has to hire the seller's shop to restore the car. The cost to have a full restoration done by the shop and the fact that it will never be a numbers matching car makes it a poor deal. $30K to $40K for a $20K car is just dumb in my opinion. Thanks anyway.

  14. Welcome I'm visiting the space coast around Titusville until April.


    Did you bring your Mustang? If so, would like to see what you got going on.....

    I actually don't own a Mustang yet, I'm driving my 1987 Lincoln Town Car as my Florida car and I'm still looking for the perfect Mustang's for myself. I have very specific car's in mind (year, color, options, body style etc.)

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