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  1. I've never heard of Lincoln using real diamonds in their cars. Urban myth or owner customization I suspect.
  2. I love them too. I have 5 in my stable and am still searching for a 6th. I would love to have a 47 Continental MK1 vert. I can't say that they offer much nowadays that I would be interested in though. I'm on a Lincoln's forum and we over there have high hopes that the "new" Lincoln Motor Company will build a decent luxury sedan based on the 61 to 65 slabside suicide door cars. BTW the one I'm currently restoring is a 61 sedan. The lincoln hobby is expensive and difficult due to a lack of decent reproduction parts. Either it's not available, poorly reproduced and most often highly overpriced. For example one door weatherstrip will cost you more than the entire set of rubber for a stang.
  3. The car must be hard to work on. To quote his ad " defiantly a project car". It will definitely need a lot of work and be extremely difficult to get anything done if the car is so defiant. :D I'm wondering just exactly how a car becomes defiant. Does it resist any attempts to work on it or can it somehow reject any new parts installed like a human body can reject and transplanted organ? Maybe it refuses to open it's hood to allow any repairs.
  4. I have hosted this type of event in the past. If anyone is interested in putting one together in Ontario Canada. I own a campground and can host up to 30 in a group. You would of course need to bring your own trailer/tent etc. I do have one rental cabin that sleeps 5. I will offer the same rate as other groups that I am a member of. 50% discount off the regular camping rates. The only restriction is that it can't be on any of our 4 long weekends during the summer(Victoria Day/Memorial Day, July 1st/July 4th, August Civic Holiday, Labor Day). Additionally if anyone is just travelling through my area I will offer the same discount to all 71-71 Mustangs.com members.
  5. +1 on the storage units. they bring more $/sq.ft. than rental apartments and much lower utility costs plus no tennants/ associations or renter protection agencies to deal with. I used to work for a billionaire who was investing heavily in storage units.
  6. Make an offer of $500.00. That is if he gives you $500.00 to cover the towing you'll take it off his hands. What exactly are you looking for? The cheapest car you can buy or the best car for what you can afford? You'll spend thousands more trying to restore this car than getting a much better one in your budget. This car will eat up $25K in sheet metal, mechanical parts, upholstery/interior and paint not to mention labor. I recently passed on a car in similar condition for that very reason. The only reason I even considered it was that the car is a very rare limited production model. The killer for me was that it had been butchered up, the engine, trans and axle had been swapped out so the car would never be a numbers matching car. Listen to what everyone is saying and find a better car.
  7. Actually it's mostly original,factory original, mostly factory original,strong original,brand new factory original,nice original,very nice original,working factory original and last but not least just plain old original.rofl I think the seller wore out his O key typing in the word original in his ad. Wow I never seen it so many times in one ad. I may have lost count but I think it's 72 times.
  8. Where do I start? Well lets translate the ad. Typical rust = full restoration with extensive metal replacement, floors, trunk pan, quarters, rear wheelhouses, fenders, inner fenders,doors and so on and so on. Good Interior: needs seats reupholstered and a new carpet, door panels look good and probably dash is alright. Not running, needs a motor: Probably a lot more mechanical too from sitting for decades. I would pass and have been seeing this car advertised for months now with no interest. I wonder why? Hmmm.
  9. http://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/4190470861.html nice looking car for the price but I'm wondering why both doors are a different shade/condition red than the rest of the car. I just found this car. It's a few $k more but really nice looking: http://www.carsonline-ads.com/colsite/col?use=UC3_ViewPosting&cmd=showPosting&postingID=65963
  10. That looks like a good buy. Too bad it's not closer but I'm sure my wife thinks that's a good thing. Another example of what looks to be a rust free car in your price range: http://austin.craigslist.org/cto/4233050319.html P.S. Don it's a little closer to you than the BC car. and this car which looks pretty good for the price: http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/4211810530.html
  11. I can't help you with the size but here is where yoiu can find it: http://www.rearcounter.com/C9AZ-14526-E-parts317101.html
  12. Your new carb probably got fouled with old fuel/gum/rust from the old tank and bad fuel. The needle seats probably just need cleaning out. Here is a link to a fuel tank kit. It contains everything needed to change the tank/sending unit, etc: http://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-tank-kit-1971-1973/p/FTK4/ Tank Straps: http://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-tank-straps-1971-1973/p/FTS1/ Fuel lines: http://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-line-tank-to-pump-v8-2-pc-3-8-om-1971-1973/p/MUF1012O/
  13. This one is a little far away but then again everything is far away from P.R. It is however a good comparison of what $5K will buy. http://bc.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-1972-Ford-Mustang-Convertible-W0QQAdIdZ542531886
  14. Well what does your gut say? The seller doesn't know much about the car or it's real condition. It looks like a rusty patched car, it has all the wrong parts and it's not complete or running either. If you look for a better car with an owner who can tell you about the actual condition you will be much happier. It may cost a few $ more but money well spent in my opinion. Try contacting the owner of the car that I posted about earlier and talk to him about his car.
  15. If rust is your concern then pass on this car. The partially primer paint job indicates that the typical rust areas have been "repaired". I would bet that it is a bondo buggy. There are much better buys out there. This isn't my car but looks far better for not much more money and it's a southern car which is a huge plus. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-for-sale-72-vert-for-sale
  16. Thanks Don, that was a helpful site. I am after "pinstripe whitewalling" on modern tires. Anyone know of someone with a pinstriping machine? James try Diamond Back Tires. They will custom build a tire for you in any size and any white stripe. From the website click on the tires button and open the high res catalog, on page 12 there is information about custom designs and also the "beauty bar" which replicates the look of a bias ply tire on a modern radial. http://www.dbtires.com/index.html
  17. Maybe one of these will work or could be adapted to fit. http://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Nuts_Cage_s/116.htm
  18. The P/N decodes as: Panel,quarter wheelhouse, outer. Commonly known and the outer wheelwell.
  19. I don't quite buy the story. An elderly couple owned the car. OK maybe but sounds like used car salesman talk to me. Sideswiped? looks more like iit was wrapped around a pole and not a side impact with another car.
  20. Have you confirmed that you are getting a proper amount of fuel to the carb? That should be your first job. You stated that you put 1 gal of fuel in the tank and that the fuel that came out of the pump into the plastic bag looked " too yellow". Follow the recomendations that several people have posted and confirm that you are getting enough fuel to the carb. I would try running the car off a 5 gal can connected to the fuel pump and see what happens. Then you know you have 1) enough fuel to start with and 2) clean uncontaminated fuel. Then you can start looking for vacuum leaks and/or timing issues.
  21. Have a browse through this website: http://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Ford_Clips_And_Fasteners_s/63.htm
  22. I agree the poor animal lost it life and most probably the occupants of the car are dead too. I find this thread very offensive and quite disturbing that some people find this kind of thing amusing. Shame on you the OP and all who laugh at it.
  23. That seller is quite well known in the Lincoln community. Most of the cars they offer up for sale are rusty hulks that barely run and they always have ridicously high reserves on them. Personally I would make a wide swerve away from them, but that's just my opinion.
  24. You definately have a run lean condition caused either by a massive vacuum leak or a fuel supply issue. You need to start at the beginning and check everything in the supply side of things first. Did you follow the wisdom of 72Hcode and check for fuel supply to the carb? "one way to test the fuel getting to the carb is disconnect the hose to the carb and install a long hose and put it in a bucket, then disconnect the coil and crank the engine over with the starter. there should be a good amount of fuel going into the bucket. that would tell you the pump and lines are working and not clogged." If you have a good supply of fuel to the carb the follow his suggestions on the carb. If not hook up the input line at the fuel pump to a plastic gas can and try to run the car using a supply of fuel from the can. If it runs well off the can you have a problem with the lines or in the tank itself. How old is the fuel in the tank? How full is the tank?
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