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  1. Ken are you taking Crack shots at the infamous mayor of Toronto?:D What an embarassment he has become for the city and the country as a whole.
  2. Everyone seems to be ignoring your statement regarding the three bent pushrods. You may have stuck valves or the timing chain may be so worn out that the timing is so far off that the piston is hitting the valve and bending the pushrods. I would pull the valve cover again to inspect those replaced pushrods in case they have been bent again. Maybe that's why it ran fine for a while and suddenly the problem appeared. Someone who is an expert engine builder may be able to help you diagnose this further. How long had the engine sat before you tried to get it running and exactly what did you do to the motor before starting it for the first time?
  3. I can't answer for our overseas friends but north of the border in Canada my last fill up for mom's car was 45 liters or just shy of 12 gallons at a total cost of $53.00 CAD or $56.75 USD. The per liter price in Cdn dollars was $1.179 which computes to a price per gallon in USD of $4.77. There is a Federal fuel tax of $0.10 per liter or $0.4045 USD per gallon and a Provincial(State) fuel tax of $0.1470 per liter or $0.5945 USD per gallon. There is also a HST(Harmonized sales tax) of 13% included in the selling price. That calculates out in USD to $0.62 per gallon. Add them all up and we pay $1.62 USD per gallon in taxes @$4.77 USD so the pre tax price of fuel is $3.15 USD per gallon. That tax price per gallon changes as the price changes because the HST is a % cost based on the selling price. I.E. the higher the fuel cost the more HST the government collects. It's no wonder the governments aren't trying to do anything about high fuel prices because it benefits them for us to pay more for the fuel. Diesel fuel is a little bit better on the taxes here selling for $4.65 USD per gallon including a total tax of $1.35 USD per gallon.
  4. Well as usual my timing is excellent. After being for sale for at least 3 yrs according to another member the car now is tentatively sold. They have accepted a deposit on a deal pending the long distance customer arriving with his trade. I did garner some info from the person on the phone, who spoke unaccented english by the way. I guess there are some english left in Quebec that the language police haven't chassed away. The car was a one owner, originally sold locally and other than a repaint is in original condition. It has a little over 48K miles on it. The asking price was $59,900 and according to the salesman the ram air air cleaner was stolen off the car just before they aquired it and they attached a regular air cleaner to "protect the carb and make the car driveable". It is a true Mach 1 J code with the vin beginning with 1F05J. He further addded that the "project car" portion of the add was a function of the Auto Trader online form and that the car actually needs no work other than the missing air cleaner. Further about the dual clock setup, I did some net surfing and found another car with exactly the same setup, dash clock, trip odometer, triple guage and lower console clock. So I guess that it is definatley possible to have come from the factory that way. I have left my name and number just in case the deal falls through.
  5. Like I said, it was most likely a 'speedo/clock' car and the owner has found a full console with clock to install - it's not THAT uncommon. This is exactly what's currently going on with mine, mostly because I've been too lazy to get my speedo/clock instrument cluster to The Rktmn for one of his awesome tach conversions. My '71 H-code came with a speedo/clock cluster and didn't even have a small trim console or anything around the shifter (just the shifter bezel bolted to the floor) - awhile back I scored a great center console on ebay to help complete the interior options when it all goes back together. Changing over to a factory tach cluster is more involved than just swapping out the cluster - the wiring harness must be swapped as well, or some creative rewiring will be involved to make it work. I only discovered this after purchasing a complete wiring harness and tach cluster, only to find out it was from a '73 (and would not work in my '71). Through this site, I also learned that the tach conversion The Rktmn performs will be well worth it, compared to the crazy Redneck-engineered wiring acrobatics required just to make the factory tach work with a non-factory tach harness. Eric the thing that troubles me is the car has the three guages in the center console. From what I have read if you ordered the instrumentation group it came with the Tach, trip odometer and triple instrumentation pod. This car has the triple pod so why didn't it come with the tach? If you look closely at the clock console bezel it doesn't color match to the rest of the console. What I suspect is what you said, the bezel was replaced and at that time a lower clock was added. I also read that the woodgrain bezel for the center console only came on very early in the production of 71 models. Unless this car is a very early model maybe the center console with the triple guage setup was added too, but I thought the triple guage pod was standard on all Mach 1 models. I'm going to call the dealer today and get some more info and will report back here.
  6. Thanks everybody. So it has a correct interior and it is a probably a 429. Two things still bother me though. The twins clocks thing is wierd. I would have thought it should be a tach in the dash instead. Secondly why remove a ram air set up for a regular aftermarket air cleaner. I did see from looking at the mega 429 site that this car is a CJ and not a SCJ because it has the Rochester carb and not the Holley carb. I think I`ll call tomorrow and try and get some more info on the car. Hopefully somebody there speaks english. Those darn Quebois don`t like dealing with us`Anglais`. It`s been for sale for a long time so I don`t think it will get sold in any great hurry. BTW that dealer never advertises it`s prices and I usually just pass on any listing without a price as how can you compare apples to oranges unless you a price range in mind, but as this car is so rare I think I`ll venture a call.
  7. O.K eagle eyed experts I`d like your opinions on this car. It`s listed as a `project Car` and without any asking price. Take a look at the pics and tell me what you see. The body looks clean and the interior seems odd to me. First of all the seat color combo seems wrong and it looks like it has two clocks. The engine does not have the ram air setup but I don`t know what I`m looking at for sure but it doesn`t look like a 429 to me. http://wwwa.autotrader.ca/a/Ford/Mustang/MONTR%c3%89AL/Quebec/5_7642219_20100409065054946/?showcpo=ShowCPO
  8. Thaks for the link. It figures a decent car shows up in Wi when I'm already down south for the winter. Oh well I'll write down the phone number and try calling the seller in April.
  9. Thanks Don I certainly will. My employee/caretaker is moving in today and will live onsite until I return in the spring. He lives onsite by himself all winter sort of like Jack Nicholson did in the movie "The Shining". Fortunately I don't have a maze here or any dead people haunting the location so I shouldn't find him frozen into a snowbank next spring.:D
  10. O.K. I expected a few more replies but I do value the ones given. I agree totally and have decided not to decide about this car for now. It just doesn't make sense to pour that kind of dough into a non numbers matching car no matter how rare it is. I'm off on holiday until April and will rethink the issue in the spring and in the mean time I'll keep surfing for a great deal on another car. They do come up sometimes so you never know what I'll find. Thnaks everyone for all you input especially Scott & Don, I really value your opinions as you guys are the real pros when it comes to 71-73 Stangs.
  11. O.K. guys I'm looking for the panel of pros opinions. I heard from the seller about this car. Not only has the axle and transmission been swapped out but so has the engine. the S/N on the back of the block doesn't match the VIN of the car. So this will never be a numbers matching car ever. My question to you all is this: What would you do if you were looking at purchasing the car? It needs extensive metal repair,an entire interior and every component of the drivetrain/mechanicals redone. Keep in mind that the requirement for purchase is hiring the shop to do the restoration. I've done the research on the materials/parts which would run upwards of $15K and probably closer to $20K with paint. Then there is the labor which could easily match the parts cost. Would you spend $30 to $40K to end up with an extremely rare one of 495 Canadian edition Sprints? Obviously I'm torn about making this decision but won't offer my thoughts yet so as to not sway the general consensus of the group. So go ahead give it to me straight.
  12. I would jump all over this one! Rent A U haul with A tow dully and head north.:cool: If BB rents the tow dolly I'll tow it south on my way to FL. The donor car is right on my snowbird route. I sent a PM to BB and am waiting for a response. Heck I may even get some parts myself for the 72 Sprint I want to do.
  13. Welcome from the Great White North and congrats on winning the 2 for 1 Mustang lottery. A 429 is a fantastic find. What do you intend to do with the 72 coupe?
  14. I presume you never learned how to send emails Well actually your assumption is incorrect. I simply wanted to get some more information regarding the current condition of the car before disclosing my e-mail information to someone I don't know. I'm sorry if this has offended you but as stated by another person in this thread it sounds like a good price. In my opinion too good to be true. $5k for a car with a $14K paint job. I was just wondering exactly what was included with the car for that price. My assumption now will be that it is actually too good to be true as you are unwilling to discuss the condition of the car publically. I will move on now and continue my search for another car. Good luck to you sir regarding the offer to sell your car.
  15. If you please can you explain what you mean by "needs a front clip". Usually a front clip refers to the entire front end of a car including the hood and fenders. Is the car now as it looks in the photos? It looks like there is no drivetrain or interior in the car, plus the windshield and rear windows appear to not be installed.
  16. You have some mis-infomation there "The floor pan and trunk pan repops are not the correct ones but can be made to fit" Both of those parts are some of the better items available You can't do a whole 71-3 with repro parts In addition to the doors and hood there any MANY other parts that are not available Plain flat hoods are pretty cheap as everyone wants a nasa hood So you are going to re-body it ? Don I stand corrected. I have been reading so much lately I could have sworn that a few of the sites I was looking at stated that the floor & trunk pans were from an earlier year but could be cut to fit. I just looked at them now and can't find that info. Are there some other parts that are used like that? I wasn't planning to rebody the car just use the sheet metal and swap it out to the sprint. Recently I saw a decent looking shell with a 3 speed and no motor on CL. I should have saved the ad because I don't remember what city it was in.
  17. David ( Cdn Sprint) I've been doing a lot of net research on body panels. NOS prices are just nuts. The repops don't fit that well from what I've read. The floor pan and trunk pan repops are not the correct ones but can be made to fit. Straight plain hoods and doors are not available as repops. the pricing for all the repops to do a whole car less doors and a hood run close to $5K. So I'm on the hunt for a good rust free donor shell. I've got at least a year and half before the shop can start on the car so I should be able to find one by then. What I'm looking for is a good rust free 72 coupe shell with a 3 speed manual trans and 8" rear axle so I can bring this car back to the way it was built. I don't need an engine or any of the interior so if anyone knows of such a car shhot me a PM.
  18. Got it in one. I knew a southerner would know what it was.
  19. I think I might just have the worst thing found during a restoration. O.K. it wasn't in a car but in the underbelly of my 61 Airstream travel trailer. The trailer spent about 20 years lodged in the woods of North Carolina. During the replacement of the axles to make the trailer safe to travel home the enclosed belly needed to be opened up. This is what fell out: I'll give y'all 20 guesses as to what animal it was!
  20. I stumbled across this ad while surfing this morning. I don't know enough to know if it is a legit car or not but it looks clean. http://duluth.craigslist.org/cto/4094425634.html
  21. Does anybody know how to decode the metal seat tags? I'm looking at a 72 Sprint and was able to read the metal tag under the rear seat bottom. The P/N is D1ZB-6566700.AB I can figure out that P/N but ther are other numbers and would like to decode them. Stamped below the P/N is a large "V" with a line on top of it plus "MGR" stamped next to it. The third stamped line reads: 254 000 2AA Below that is the date 03/25/72. Any help with those other codes would be greatly appreciated.
  22. It depends really on the code on the trans. It should have a RAN-CA1 code on it plus I would like the date code to correspond to the build date of the car. Also what would your asking price be? I wonde how much it would cost to ship it to Canada? Hey Don the door tags reads 04/72 and according to the owner it was built around 4/30/72. I will know more once he sends me the Deluxe Marti report. P.S. does anybody know if the car VIN was stamped on the trans, and if so where was it located on a three speed toploader?
  23. Thanks Don and good to know. If I get this car I think a road trip down to the state that is round at both ends and high in the middle :D will be on the adgenda to get a ship load of parts. P.S. I would like to have a phone conversation with you some time regarding repop panels. Let me know if that would be cool and when a good time would be.
  24. Hey Don while we're on the subject of competetion suspension and sway bars. How hard would it be to find the HD rear sway bar and the staggered shock set up? This car had the 8" axle changed out for a 9" and IIRC the sway bar/shock set up is MIA.
  25. Hi I was getting you mixed up with another guy from Edmonton who listed his car on the Sprint Registry as a CDN Sprint. His car has a DSO from Kansas yet claims it's a CDN Sprint. Which way are you going for body panels, NOS, used or repops?
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