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  1. Good morning Don, I can't remember the name of the manufacturer/supplier that he used. It begins with a B, something like Blackwood, Brentwood or something like that. I do know that they are sold through a division of this company: http://ecat.crosscanadaparts.com/base/welcome.php?year=1972&make=FORD&model=MUSTANG I will contact the shop and ask him for some more information. He did tell me that he had one customer that sourced his own sheet metal from a US store similar to yours which for discussion purposes does not need to be named. The parts were much much thinner than the panels he can obtain. He also states that his supply fits better without shimming or trimming and everything just lines up better. In now way was he or I knocking your or similar businesses as you all sell the same parts from the same distributors, it's just that he tells me he can source better parts here. I will PM you some info if you are interested.
  2. That is the million dollar question for sure. On one hand I won't be involved very much with the actual build but on the other hand I can't take on another project myself for a few years anyway. So I either buy the car let them do the work or pass on it and keep searching for years trying to find another Cdn Sprint that might never surface. what to do, what to do? My mind is swaying back and forth over this but I'm tending to think a bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush. Actually in this case the phrase that most fits the situation is: I shouldn't look a gift horse(Mustang) in the mouth.:D
  3. Yes they do rust repair. Right now there is a 60's stang on a rotisserie currently on hold for funds, a 69 FB on a rotisserie that is a work in progress and a 70 coupe that the body is mostly done and they are installing a drivetrain from a wrecked 2011 Shelby. Then there is this ambitious project that a customer is willing to pay for: The trunk pan doesn't exist and the rear spring shackles are resting on the upper trunk lid, the shock tower has seperated from the inner fender skirt, See how the front wheel is tilted outwards and there is a 4x4 holding the shell up.
  4. Are you sure about that? I thought I'd better post some pics of the shop and work done there before I show any more rusty sprint photos. So here we go: A couple of shots of the shop. Now here are some VW campers, one is done and the other is fresh out of the paint shop. and lastly a edit it's a fire chicken not a camaro. awaiting it's owner to pick it up.
  5. I wanted to ask you about your car. Is it a true Cdn Sprint? Have you done much to it lately and what have you done to it so far?
  6. Don None of the cars or trailers I've done will reap a financial benefit to me ever. that's not why I do them. I like the particular style/year or rarity of each one. I do love a challenge too. Searching for the rare and hard to find parts, taking the time and effort to bring them back to life, that is where I can get the most enjoyment from the build. What is actually give pause for concern is that on this car I won't be doing any of that except for maybe parts sourcing. BTW I do head south for the winter just a little farther south than the shores of 'Bama. Ray, yep I think I'm falling in love with the car. Mach71351C and Jeff: the asking on the car is $2500 and the guesstimate for the restoration is in the mid to high 20'sK. 73vertproject, you're right I omitted the cowl as I can't really see it closely enough to inspect it but I'm assuming it will be rotten too. As built it was 1 of 5 and only 1 of 1 listed as surviving. There are probably more of them out there somewhere but I wonder what the odds are that any more of the 5 are still in existence. So far the poll states 1 sure fire walk away and 1 go for it and 3 undecided. Keep the votes coming in please!
  7. No not yet. The owner said he will dig it out of the files and send it to me. it's a total rust bucket. The car sat in a field for several years after being driven on winter roads and has had some poorly done bodywork in the past.
  8. Don the Marti is up now in the Marti report forum. I thought I'd post a few of the pics of the car. Please give me your opinions, ideas, suggestions etc. Be frank I can take it! Here are the overview pics, front and back side to side:
  9. I am considering the purchase of this car. It's very rare and so far only 6 Cdn editions are known to exist as per the registry.
  10. O.K. here we go, the much awaited report on the inspection of the Cdn Sprint. First of I'd like to say the owner of the shop is a great guy and spent most of the day talking with me about the car, how I would like it done. His techniques and methods and why he does what he does. We also discussed materials, suppliers for parts etc. He has a Cdn source for body panels which are of a superior quaility than all the rest of the available foreign made panels (Politically Correct term). Props to John Nizman from Last Chance Autorestore.com for taking the time to discuss everything with me. http://www.lastchanceautorestore.com/ Now on to the car itself. It is extremely rough. Every single body panel needs rust repair. Front valance,hood,fenders,inner fender skirts,shock towers,front frame rails,floorpans,torque boxes,doors,rocker panels,rear frame rails,inner wheel wells, quarter panels, trunk pan, trunk extensions, rear panel,rear valance and trunk lid all have severe rust issues. By far the worst is the floorpans, trunk pans and rear quarters but everything else will need work to solve the rot associated from Canadian salt used on our winter roads. It goes without saying that the car needs paint but I said it anyway.:D Next the interior is shot. The headliner is torn up and hanging down in several spots. Both front seats are torn and very badly stained. The back seat is not torn but badly stained and faded. The carpet is almost non existant. Both door panels are damaged and stained. The dash pad is very badly cracked in several places. The dash itself is not too bad, the speedo and warning light pods look fair but will need to be cleaned up. all of the control bezels are cracked. The turn signal arm is rusted. There is an incorrect console installed when the 3 speed to auto conversion was done. It has one crack in it on the lower edge driver's side. I have to do some research into what the correct console or shifter cover was in the car originally as I will be changing it back to the 3 speed. Mechanically everything needs redoing. One look at the motor tells me it needs to come out and be rebuilt. The C6 trans will be ousted for the correct 3 speed and so will the 9" axle that was swapped in too. I will be looking for the correct axle for the car. Brakes, suspension, steering, fuel delivery system and all electrical all need to be redone. Basically every inch of the car needs a lot of work to get it on the road again. I wouldn't even consider this car at all lest for the fact that it is a Cdn Sprint. According to our friend Marti, Fomoco only made 495 of these cars and currently there are on 6 listed on the registry. http://www.lovingcreek.com/sprint/CD/Index.htm This car is 1 of 4 coupes listed in Canada, 1 of 3 with the 302 V8 1 of 2 in Ontario. The Marti report lists this car as 1 of 5 with the 302 V8 and 3 speed manual trans.So if it's back to the 3 speed trans it will be 1 of 1 known to exist. Yeah I know it's not a 429 Super CJ or a rare Mach 1, Cobra or Shelby etc., it's stiil a neat claim to fame. Anyway to sum it up I'm still on the fence as to whether I should pull the trigger on it. the deal on the car is that in order to purchase it, you as the buyer must agree to hire John to restore it. His estimate on cost of the job and timeframe to completion date would work for me.Opinions requested please! I have too many projects on the go here myself to consider another rotisserie restoration at this point. I'm on the look out for a 73 vert to feed my addiction for these cars in the mean time. I have a specific color/interior color and option level in mind for the vert so it might take some time to find the right car. maybe I need to find a nice driver quality 71 mach 1 to complete the set of 71-73 stangs.;) If anyone is interested I can post some pictures of the car, John's shop and his work. I took 106 pictures yesterday to document the car in it's current condition. Let me know if you want to see and I'll post some of them here.
  11. Don I'm working on it now. I took 106 pics and am going through them to name them for ease of viewing so I can post related pics to comments. Ken actually Wasaga is just part of my Nom de plume (name of the feather for you Americans). It refers to a name under which you write, dating back to the days of writing with quill & ink. Home base for me now is in Durham which is 1/2 hour south of Owen Sound. For the trip home I avoided the TO area and drove back west on Hwy 7, up Hwy 48 and crossed the 400 at Bradford then picked up Hwy 89 across to Hwy 10 and north to here. It still took as long but I avoided the stop and go jam ups and all the madness of traversing the 401 during rush hour.
  12. The car is in a small village north of Napanee which is east of Belleville.
  13. Thanks guys for the best wishes. I left a little late this morning at 5:30AM and it was cold, down to freezing. Consequently I got hung up in traffic and spent 2 hrs trying to get across Toronto. Then it took me a while to find his place. GPS couldn't locate his road. I arrived at 11:00AM and spent the better part of the day going over the car and discussing how he does things and how I would like the car done. I didn't leave his place until 4:30PM and it took me until 10:00PM to get home. I'm too tired to do a write up tonight but I will say the car needs a lot of metal work. I have over 100 pics of the car, his shop and some finished cars and cars on the go. I'll do a through write up tomorrow and will post pics to show what the car is like. More to follow in the morning. P.S. this is the first time I've seen a 71-73 in person and actually sat behind the wheel of one. I'm hooked now for sure.
  14. Road trip tomorrow. Heading out at 5:00AM on a 4 hour each way trip to look at the Sprint Coupe that the restoration shop has for sale. If I leave here at 5 I can beat the morning rush in the Big Smoke (Toronto) and still arrive early in the morning at his shop so I can spend the better part of the day poking over the car and talking to the owner and make it back thru TO before the afternoon rush. I don't think I'll be pulling the trigger on the car yet but I do want to get eyes on it and ask a million questions about his shop and exactly how he does his work. I'll be taking lots of pics and will post them here tomorrow night upon return. Wish me luck!
  15. Yup I used the site to get my 76 Lincoln Town Car for $200 in Utah. The car runs and drives great but needs lots of body work. I did find some info on the owner and it was a one owner car. He died then his wife died and the estate donated the car to a charity that sent it to Copart. There are some states that restrict the public from buying cars and some states require you to use a buying agent. You also have to guarantee your bids with a credit card before starting.
  16. I found this info on another mustang site: The Service Part Number (D4DE 6015 BA in this case) will not tell you when the block was cast. It only tells you what decade and year the part was originally relased for service (which is not necessarily the same year it was cast, although it may be the same), what model line it was originally released for, what engineering department was responsible for it's release, what the part is, and what design level (how many minor changes it has gone through) of the part is. D = Decade of release (1970s) 4 = Year of release (1974) D = Model line (Falcon 1960-69, Maverick 1970-74, Granada 1975-82, LTD 1983-up) E = Engineering department (Engine) 6015 = Engine block BA = Design level (starts with A then B, C, D etc, then AA, AB, etc) There is a Date Code on the block. It's in the same area as the Service Part Number. The Date Code will tell you the exact day the block was cast. It is arranged in a YMD(D) fashion and will look something like 6D23 (which would be April 23, 19x6).
  17. The option is called "send money to friends or family members" We can pay the fees which is 1% so that Big Blue gets all the donation. P.S. guys contact BB directly for information on how to send your donation or if you want to remain anonymous you can contact me by PM and I can tell you how to send your assistance to this fellow who really needs the help. Please guys open your wallets and give what you can or if you have any parts you want to send his way that would work too. if you are on my route down south this fall I can pick the parts up and save the shipping costs. BB is such a good looking car I really want to see it on the road again. Apparently some of you have a problem with my trying to help this guy out. So do want you want I will no longer be posting regarding this situation. I will also have to reevaluate whether I wish to stay active on this site. I'm extremely dissapointed by the narrow minded pettiness of some individuals. All I was trying to do was help a guy in dire straights.
  18. Just about next door to you!:D http://www.dvap.com/
  19. It's either one of two things: A typo that should have read Windsield Whippers:D or the Whippers are what gets those pony stang horses really galloping.:D
  20. The option is called "send money to friends or family members" We can pay the fees which is 1% so that Big Blue gets all the donation. P.S. guys contact BB directly for information on how to send your donation or if you want to remain anonymous you can contact me by PM and I can tell you how to send your assistance to this fellow who really needs the help. Please guys open your wallets and give what you can or if you have any parts you want to send his way that would work too. if you are on my route down south this fall I can pick the parts up and save the shipping costs. BB is such a good looking car I really want to see it on the road again.
  21. +1 I agree totally, very subtle. Great photo chop work too. Absolutely seamless.
  22. Congrats Jeff. Gotta love the verts too. BTW what exactly is a super mod? I did a google search and came up with this: Narrator: Faster than a speeding mustang. More powerful than a Mach 1. Able to leap tall ramps in a single bound. Man 1: Look! Up the road! It’s a horse. Woman: It’s a stang Man 2: It’s Supermod! Narrator: Yes, it’s supermod, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Supermod, who can change the course of mighty threads, bend words in his bare hands. And who, disguised as Jeff, mild-mannered owner of a great Mustang Convertible, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. And now another exciting episode in the adventures of Supermod.lollerz
  23. Very, very, very nice car. Sure beats the crap out of a Fukus any day! I bought a Focus for mom but somehow I don't see trading it in on a GT for her.:rolleyes: She is 85 you know and not really into tearing up the strip anymore.roflrofl It's amazing how much it looks like the rendering of your 71 if it was finished. I wish you the best with the new car and hope you enjoy it to the fullest extent possible. I was amazed when you sold the 71 for such a deal but now I understand your thought process. BTW is that a stock interior?
  24. Well said. I really feel for this guy. Way back in 1978 when I was a young guy I saved up my bucks to get my first car. It was a 1973 Olds Toronado that was in beautiful shape. I had just enough for the car and not enough to insure it properly. I opted not to buy collision coverage so I could get driving right away. Wouldn't you know it but the same thing happened to me too. It was lightly snowing and I was driving only 25 MPH when the rear end spun out on a curve and I got Tee-boned by another car. It bent the frame and I couldn't afford the repairs and I lost my car. I hope everybody else feels the same and we can get this thing rolling and help him out. BTW this was my idea and I suggested it to BB first before posting it here. He is very humbled and will be eternally grateful for any help that comes his way. Come on guys let's help out this guy! O.K. guys just shhot a PM either to me or BB and lets either of us your preferred choice of form donation and we'll give the required information to you. I'm going with paypal because cross border checks get too difficult to do.
  25. GREAT guys, that's three so far counting myself and one guy who wants to kick a man when he's down. Really wwhite 72! BB freely admits he didn't have the best tires. I don't think it was necessary to tell him the obvious. Did you ever think that maybe he was doing what had to be done after his daily driver crapped out and needed transport to work to keep the rent paid and food on the table. Times are tough and a young guy starting out has it really rough. I guess you never did anything remotely risky when you were young and cash was thin. Enough ranting! O.K. guys keep it coming and I'll PM you email info for BB unless he wants to post it here publically and you can send him the money through paypal. BTW I love this forum, much more friendly than others I've been on.
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