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    1973 Mustang Mach 1
    It is a project car for me since I am 17. It needs new interior and a new paint job. I plan to make it a daily driver that I can enjoy whenever I want to go for a drive.


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  1. And I don't think it'll be too complicated. Ironically on a racing game I play, they recently added a '71 Mach 1 Mustang so I took it and painted it like how I want my '73 to be. So I took off the '71-'72 stripes and put the '73 stripes on it. Did the paint the way I wanted. And now I love it, it's one of my most driven cars on the game now too haha. But the paint won't be too complicated. Here's what I'm aiming for now. Either flat black or Semi-gloss black for the body. And metallic red stripes. So it's a little complicated but I know I'll like it no matter what because it's my car hah
  2. You can never go wrong with black and red. It'll always be abstract and an eye catcher. Especially with the way I'm thinking of doing it. And I know it's an awesome problem, I just like hearing opinions, especially from ones that would've seen the car back in the day. And I know for a fact that there are only 3 other '71-'73 Mustangs driving around in my county. So no matter what it'll be a head turner. And I can't wait for the Ford dealership to have another car show day. Last time there weren't any '71-'73 Mustangs but once I get mine up and in show condition, I'll be the youngest one there
  3. My eyes are set on the black and red mainly now, so nothing crazy. And if I get the Camaro, it's going to be straight stock, but first things first, I would have to talk to owner into selling haha
  4. See I would be all for upgrading under the hood, but it's the original engine. If it wasn't I would just go crazy. But I might do a little upgrade here and there. And I'm also a fan of the first gen Camaro and I may have found one at the college I'm going to. And well, if I get the Camaro, I will go nuts under the hood and everything. But this is my first project, so I'm getting a feel for things. And yeah my first car was a 2011 Camaro, but when my mom asked me originally "what kind of car do you want?" I would always say "a mustang." And well the first car I bought and has my name on it i
  5. Option 1, all the parts I can salvage from the build, I am. So if I restomod anything, whatever is replaced will be kept up with. Option 2, is really just letting me have a car, and putting what I believe the definition of cool is. So whatever I do will be something I wanted to do. Option 3, I would actually have a pilot help me with the design. So it's not exactly like the Old Crow one, that one was painted after a real P-51, where mine wouldn't. It would be my creation. So none of the other emblems on the Old Crow one would be in the same place. For Example: The air force emblem w
  6. I've updated what I originally said to add more detail since I wrote this post late last night. Now they go into more detail. Thanks so far for what everyone has said! I have tons of ideas, and plenty of time, but the sooner I get done, the sooner it'll be on the road and it'll get seen more.
  7. It will be different, I know that. Xoliex has a red one with good stripes. (Sorry Olie, I might have spelled your username wrong. Can't remember the number of "x"s. ) To the OP: Gold is a cool color for our cars, so you can't go wrong with it. The lean and mean is a real good idea. Black looks sleek but takes a lot more prep work to get a blemish-free finish. I remember when I did my car I spent weeks pondering colors and styles, making final decisions that were void three days later because I had a different idea. If I had to do it again, I'd be lost once more. :)
  8. Oh yeah, I will be adding carbon fiber to it. And kind of a reflective red carbon fiber (a dark red). If I do black and red, it'll be black with red markings, and interior would be black as the main theme with red inserts on the seats. An with some red reflective carbon fiber. (Also red digital gauges) I know. And that's my problem, I like them all. And they all have their own area of expenses. But in all, I like them all. Maybe I should just go find 2 more mustangs. Lol
  9. Well, I've hit a small bump in my build. I don't know exactly what I want for the paint and theme on my 1973 Mach 1 Mustang. I'm only 18 and still in high school and am taking on the build myself. So it's pretty interesting. But here are the three themes that I can't decide between. But just like to hear some other thoughts. Reasons for each of the themes will be posted below them. And please feel free to criticize and give me ideas! All are welcome, I just need some good advice and ideas since I am doing this while I'm still in school and trying to stay focused. More Detailed Look Than B
  10. Tell me about it. My Camaro is black and I've kept it clean since I got it.
  11. My car is currently Ivory Green (but starting to fade bc of age), but I'm going with black and red.
  12. It sure is. I'm have local shops helping me with the mechanics and body/paint work while I'm in school. Once it's painted the interior work will be done by me most likely, and if I have any problems, I've got friends that restore cars for a living. But yeah, it's a great project. I'm excited to get her and start driving to school in her. I was talking to one of my Principals and he told me to feel free to park it in front of the school whenever I drove it. He's happy to see someone taking interest in classic cars. And I have people all over my county ready to see it back on the road because th
  13. I will have fun and let y'all know what I think about the drive! My Girlfriend is already use to that happening in the Camaro. And she's also excited to go for a ride in it. So she won't get jealous of that, just me spending more time with it lol. Haha, that's a good Monday morning laugh there, and pretty true. And that's a tip I haven't heard, so will do! Thanks everyone that has said something so far!
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