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  1. They advertised the Windsor stat that I used as Cleveland specific.....arrrrgh. Would that likely have been the cause of the problem? Spilling out of the connection there? Ok so if i pop this one in that should correct the issue I hope. I believe, although I don't remember, that the restrictor plate was there. If not thanks to the link above I have a source besides the ebay rip-off Pantera guy. Cool. Onward and upward. Hope the engine is ok with a few weeks of "hot cruising" on it. I did keep adding coolant.
  2. So guys, is this right thermostat with the "hat" on the bottom"? temporary photo upload gif hoster
  3. Hey everybody, I haven't posted in a while and now of course I have questions again/slash need help so here I am! I promise to post some pics again soon! I have been working on the Mustang steadily for the last 3.5 years or so and it is looking good. It is a 72 hard top running a a 351C H code 2v with the decor group package. I love it. Lots of body work and restoration, new windshield new adjustable racing mirror to fix the busted old one . Rebuilt transmission, new power steering gear box and idler arm, a lot of fun with that let me tell you! Recently one of my coolant hoses sprang a leak
  4. Hey Stangers, I am putting the Mustang away for the winter, kind of a must do in my part of the country. I have heard royal purple Maxlife is a good product for this to maintain the vehicle over the storage time. However starting and running the car is an option. Since this is the case should I even bother? thanks
  5. This sounds doable, and I appreciate the parts list. I am trying to do less with more budget wise thus the reluctance to change the heads and cam. From what I can determine its the standard set up on a base coupe, I simply want to beef it up a little bit, no racing, no drag strip stuff, just a little more zip on the highway. 351 c.i. V-8 2V Carburetor, FMX Transmission C.R. 8.6:1 Horsepower 177@4000 Torque 284 @2000 FMX Transmission Number of gears:3 Gear ratios (overall): I 2.4 (6.6) II 1.467 (4.03) III 1 (2.75) Reference http://www.automobile-cat
  6. I am having a hell of time trying to get set and decided on a system for a little power boost. I want to go from 2bbl to 4bbl I am up for trying a new carb and intake I don't want to change heads or cam. How can you do it? What components?
  7. I am having a hell of time trying to get set on a system for a little power boost I am up for trying a new carb and intake I don't wanna change heads or cam.
  8. Thanks Bill, Your advice supports some further research I did after posting. Im going with something else. Hey Cazper, I think I am going with a different set up, thanks for posting!
  9. The original old rusty panel had been bondo'ed which was ok but since we wanted to go after as much rust as we could we got replacement panels. If you go that way you have to get the replacement panel, lots of options there. I got a repro and then it was slowly and carefully attached into the body. The housings fit really well and the chrome and smaller trim panel as well.
  10. And that subframe connector advice applies to the hardtop as well I would guess.
  11. Well, I found one and my old Haynes manual lists it as a stock component for the 429, Just thinking it could be a fun modification and I was curious if a guy could juice up the 351 C with one? If you had a manifold that would accept it and then fit the thing. Maybe I should just get 4300 automate/motorcraft. There is always holly too. Just trying to get creative (maybe not a good idea).
  12. Thanks Rocket, whaddaya wanna see? There are a lot of gory details!
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