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  1. Never even got to hear the sucker fire up, knocked on the guys door and he just told me he doesn't want to sell it anymore. The end! Go figure. Oh and I definitely burned more than half a gallon of gas with my gas guzzling monster lol. Especially considering the distance I had to drive and how many times I went there! Oh well, on to the next one.
  2. Well, bad news... The owner magically no longer wants to sell. I'm more frustrated that he wasted my time rather than me not ending up with the car; absolutely ridiculous. Such an uneventful and disappointing end to this little adventure :(
  3. Appreciate the links!! Today's the day I'll hopefully start up this beast and make a deal. I'm dropping by late afternoon today with a battery and jump starter. That better be all it needs! (LOL) These big bodied mustangs (especially Mach's) have really grown on me!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to add the Mach to the list.
  5. Hi everyone! Thought I would make a proper introduction of myself as per the moderators recommendations. My first mustang was a '66 coupe, restored that from the ground up, sold it and found a lonely '69 convertible that had been forgotten in a field for 20 some odd years. The owner purchased it in the 90's, drove it 150 miles, got bored and parked it in the field. (I'm confused too) Anyways, knowing the rarity of a '69 droptop, I had to try and buy it. Too my surprise, a few greenbacks later it was trailered home to me (yay!) The car is a factory 302 four speed (Don't see that everyday) with a power top and manual EVERYTHING ELSE. Talk about getting priorities straight? Anyways, that's the same field fresh paint just with a little spit and polish, the interior is all original and the car is 100% numbers matching. It was a time capsule with everything from the original water pump to the original fuel pump. I attached pictures from the day it was brought home, the engine rebuild and the front end rebuild. (I really like torque thrust wheels if you were wondering) I got the marti report back for the car and it's 1 of 245 convertibles EVER built with a 302 four speed. That's pleasantly surprising, eh? Please enjoy my photo flood of cars... And stuff. Oh, and here's the '71 Mach (M code) that I'm looking to by from the original owner!
  6. I really had no idea I would stir up so much controversy, I apologize. Especially for making a second thread, I was a little bummed that the other thread got closed, but I totally understand and do not wish to disrespect the moderators of the forum! Back to cars now (yay!) I'll be sure to post an intro thread with the details of my droptop, it's got a pretty crazy story behind it. As for the Mach, I'll keep everyone updated as to how things work out with the owner. I love the big body style of these, my family previously owning a 4 speed 71 cobrajet mach back when it was new.
  7. Well, seeing as the other thread escalated somewhat quickly (lol). I thought I'd share with everyone the current plan. I understand everyone's viewpoints, especially with the fact that, "Oh you got my car running, I'm keeping it peace out!" is a very possible outcome. However, seeing as in the case that the car allegedly just needs a battery or jump start, I feel that the current owner could have done this anyways and I don't have much to worry about. For $15k I'd like a running and driving car. I spoke to the owner on Sunday and he agreed to charge up the battery so I could start the car next weekend. He's not advertising the car because he's not all that motivated to sell, especially since he has had the car for so long. I'll keep everyone updated as to what I end up doing!! Oh and here's my '69 4 speed vert in case anyone wanted to see :) Two green mustangs, that'd be cool.
  8. I found this 1971 Mach 1 sitting in the original owners driveway, the man purchased the car new in 1970. It's a factory 351 cleveland 4bbl (M code) with a C6 auto. The car runs and drives, motor was rebuilt a few years ago along with the paint being resprayed in the original color combo. It was apparently pulled out of storage recently, the owner can't drive it because of his age now. Just from looking at it, options wise (from what I saw) it has: 351 4bbl cleveland C6 auto Mach 1 Deluxe interior AC Door speakers Rear Speakers 8 track Power Disc brakes Tinted glass Console It appears to be very well optioned, especially being a big block car. The body is super straight, floors and quarter panels are rust free, just really dusty and covered in dirt. The original interior is MINT with the exception of the dash being a little cracked from the sun. (But who's seen a perfect mustang dash anyways?) Mileage is 101k original miles. It has 4000 miles on the rebuild, that's when the owner could not drive the car as much. All it needs is a battery to be driving again. Looks to even have all the smog equipment on it still. I've worked on a fair share of mustangs, never a 71-73 car before and don't know too much about value. He's asking 15k and won't budge at all off the price, which I don't think is too crazy considering it's condition, rarity and the fact that it's one owner. I've attached some pictures of the car, needs a thorough cleaning! (You can see my '69 convertible in the corner hehe)
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