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  1. Okay, finally an update... I connected everything per Don and Doug and I was rewarded with the green illumination light and a hum from a speaker. Always listen to people who know more than you do... I could adjust the volume and faintly hear voices as I twirled the tuning knob. The yellow/orange light would also illuminate when it seemed to find a signal. I don't have an antenna handy, so I used a piece of ridgid wire about 18" long. Not the best, but I got something. So far, it does seem to work.
  2. David- Apparently the car is a 72 with a 73 bumper fitted and may have had a 73 grille (I don't remember what was in it, if anything, when I got the car). I will look at the wiring for those parking lights, they may have been spliced for the later grille.
  3. According to Don and Doug, if I get this right, both wires in the two wire connector get 12v from battery. The light blue/red is solely for the illumination light, the other is for the radio itself? Ground/negative is from the bracket to battery negative. So without power to the other wire, the radio does not operate. Gives me hope, maybe mine does work.
  4. That's the two wires in the two wire connector, right? The wires on mine are so discolored it's hard to tell. I'll have to try again. Trust Don over me.
  5. On the two wire plug, I believe the light blue/red wire is 12v in. The other wire is ground I think. Hook them up and you should get the faceplate to light up when you turn the radio on. If you hook up a speaker to the white/light green (+) and the black wire (-) in the three wire plug, you should get some noise out of the speaker. Hook up an antenna and spin the dial and see what you get.
  6. I added info to this thread mentioned and linked to earlier by BOSS1Ray:
  7. To further make my case, here are pics from West Coast Cougars selling a 73 Mustang/Cougar radio that also show the slider bar and 5 wires (but with the correct connectors still attached): https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/12728-Radio-AM-FM-Stereo-Functional-Used-1973-Mercury-Cougar-/-1973-Ford-Mustang.html
  8. A little something to add to this thread...especially about the fader slide underneath... I have an am/fm stereo radio with the following numbers on it: The part number is: D3ZA 19A241 125 Plus some others: 3FBZ. AE There is another number: 051073 There is no name on the faceplate, just numbers. As far as I can tell, if what has been said in this thread is true, Mustangs did not come with rear speakers, therefore, no fader slide, right? Davids radio has a five wire connector just for speakers (four wires going out and one ground coming back). The other two
  9. Okay- I tried testing it. It didn't do anything. I am assuming I connected things up right, but I got no lights and no static. Maybe a fuse, maybe I did it wrong, maybe the spliced wires are not done well I will sell it as a non-working radio that needs repair, but looks nice. If it does not fit your needs I'll flog it on ebay. I was wrong about Mustangtek, it was this site that shows that part number for a Mustang. It has a pic of a D2ZA that looks identical, but also lists the exact same part number as mine for a 73. I am assuming this is not a case of Ford having a part numb
  10. If you still have them, I am interested. Shipping to 63143? Thank you.
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