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  1. Its kind of cool. The scoop areas look deeper, like maybe they designed it for racing so you have much bigger ducts going to the aircleaner. If I was closer I'd be tempted.
  2. I like nice soft seats because I can get 'spirited' when driving and that way when my passengers butt puckers and clenches they have something to hold on to.
  3. A couple things that also affect ride quality...one is the quality of the seats and their foam. If the foam is old and tired and flat (flatter than new!) that translates to more harshness where it really counts. The other is the all the rattles and squeaks that a firmer ride makes apparent. neither is really ride quality, but more of a 'perceived' ride quality. If you have firm suspension, but the seat is comfy and the car doesn't sound like it's falling apart, you and your passengers are more likely to enjoy it.
  4. I'm intrigued by this part... So far, the woman who allegedly took the car won’t allow authorities to search her garage, and the local district attorney feels there isn’t sufficient evidence to get a search warrant, so for now the pony car hasn’t been recovered." So you can tell the police someone sold YOU drugs and took the car YOU stole as payment, but that is not enough to justify a search warrant? Either there is more fishy with his story to make that DA skeptical, or something else is wrong.
  5. From what I gathered from David's post, the strength trade off is lighter weight. If you can make your cage/subframe lighter, but just as strong, then you have a performance improvement. But how much lighter?
  6. I always did like the Wimbledon White for the very reason that it looks warmer compared to what most consider 'pure' white. Pure white reminds me of a refrigerator...appliance white that looks 'cheap' to me and usually looks like it has a blue tint when outside. My 08 GT is Performance White and it seems to be right in the middle. Sometimes it looks a little warmer, sometimes a little cooler. Also, keep in mind that if you are outside, reflected light will give a color cast. A yellow house or lots of green trees/grass with make any white look yellower.
  7. Having driven a manual drum brake car as my only car (70 302 sportsroof) for awhile, to me their being original when new is not a selling point. Power drum brakes may be acceptable, I guess, but the manual brakes were a heartstopper. With everything else you've done, upgrading the brakes to power disc is a logical step and would increase the value if Ford parts are used. In my opinion....
  8. And that will be the day when someone breaks in and steals all your gifts!
  9. Well, I guess at a certain age Angry Birds is too complicated?
  10. Thanks for the reply. I remember reading about the steering box thing but never saw the reason/result until the other day. I found a small pic (but haven't found a decently large one) of the exhaust headers he had built for that car. It makes sense now. I didn't know if that box was a common thing or, as you say, Smokey being Smokey. I never did learn welding, wish I had. I do other kinds of fabrication and when I do something I haven't done for a while I find the quality at the end to be better than when I started. As for Allan Moffat, I had the opportunity to take some pics
  11. I've been following this thread sit it started since I am more interested in roadrace stuff than dragrace. I have to say that is a heck of a lot of impressive work. I have two questions. First...What are you doing with the steering box? I remember reading years ago about someone running a Trans Am car using the Australian Falcon RHD steering boxes for header clearance and cutting a hole for the mirror image box to fit in the car. But that was on a 69/70, so is it even practical (or needed) in a 71-73? Second...are you seeing an increase in weld quality from the start to the finish?
  12. I know it from passing thru there on our way down to Monterey...via 17 Mile Drive. Not because I saw The Lost Boys....
  13. The problem is that tends to lead to Lime Disease.
  14. I've heard the flash floods in AZ and NM can be quick and unpredictable. But there is Sedona...and Jerome.
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