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  1. I think the red stripe would look better on a silver car with a vermillion interior. Either way the trick is to match the stripe color to the interior color. Different reds would look weird. Since you seem to be not doing side vraphics, what type of striping are you doing?
  2. The Opels originally had hot water chokes, nothing electric, so no oem hookup option for us. Smart people replace the oem Solex with an aftermarket Weber 32/36. That can be set up with hot water, electric or manual chokes. Most go electric to get rid of extra plumbing.
  3. Where did Ford connect for electric chokes? On the Opel I ran a new nonresistor wire to the coil and connected my choke wire to that. But it was easy to connect to the fuse box where the resistor wire was originally and ran the wire thru the firewall. Easy, but a different type of car. The relay sounds good. Similar to what we do on the Opel GT to eliminate all the headlight power going thru the dash/fuse box (makes for bad electrical fires...). We run new power off the battery/auxiliary fuse box under the hood with fuses and a relay. The relay is controlled by your original wiring. A few extra items under the hood and no surgery, no changes in the dash. But, with using the resistor wire, will it activate the 12v relay?
  4. Should be a very nice day in the park. Couldn't ask for a better outdoor venue. https://www.hemmings.com/events/detail?listing_id=59195
  5. Just as the title says. It's in Springfield IL. I will be attending Fri/Sat and meeting up with the Opel people. Anyone on here also attending? https://route66fest.com/
  6. I was going to bring up the same point. I inadvertently did that years ago on my Opel. Wasn't sure if it was the same on the Mustangs or not.
  7. That's the fun of so many different types of cars. I love back roads in an Opel Manta A, not so much in a V8 Mustang (although my 08 GT is a whole lot better than my 73 was). On the other hand, a Fairmont GT would might get my interest...
  8. One thing to remember/decide, not every car has to be a 100 point show quality restoration. There is much more interest these days in cars with 'patina'. There are two benefits to this, one is that you don't have to rob a bank and the other is that an imperfect driver is not as anxiety inducing as an expensive resto. A good mechanical restoration of the drivetrain, suspension, brakes and fixing any rust issues can be done in steps as time and money permit. Even the interior can be done. Body and paint, potentially the priciest part, can be decided later, while you enjoy driving it.
  9. I can just see the artwork for the "universal fit Nissan GTR hood support rod".....
  10. I found these while looking for something else...we have a forum for Mustangs in the movies, but what about other media not directly related to Mustang specifically? Because that is where I buy the parts for my Wankel rotary powered Mercedes Benz C111 protoype!
  11. I went looking for an old JC Whitney catalog ad online for giggles...the younger members probably wouldn't believe what they were seeing. I won't muddy up this thread, but I found stuff worthy of a new thread!
  12. Didn't they used to sell an anode that hung just inside the radiator cap? I seem to recall JC Whitney had something like that...although, being JC Whitney, who knows if their version actually worked.
  13. I agree with Hemikiller on supplies pricing and availability. Because so much supply industry was idled due to the virus, stocks were depleted all the way back to the raw material suppliers. And the focus was on making the most important stuff or most popular stuff. For sheet acrylic you could only get what was in stock, when it was gone, it was gone. At one point we had a 4 month back order for 1/4" clear acrylic sheet. And because the suppliers were trying to make as much of that as possible for sneezeguards, they were not producing colored or specialty acrylics. And then shipping skyrocketed. Prices went up and it's just now starting to be normal again. Things will eventually settle down, but I expect at least 10% increase in prices compared to 2019. On the other side of parts costs....is it just me or have people somehow solved the alchemy problem of turning lead into gold? Sure seems like anything made 50 years ago for any car is priced like it is made of gold.
  14. I prefer the vinyl flooring because I can slide around under the car easier. Never was a fan of rug burns.
  15. Linoleum! Or for the younger crowd...vinyl sheet flooring.
  16. Everyone has good points on this, but I think there is a missing part to this scope creep initiative...the exhaust! You've cleaned up the axle and it shows how scuzzy the undercarriage is. But once the axle and undercarriage are 'tidy-ed up' along with the spiffy newer gas tank, the exhaust will stand out! I would say if you spend time sanding/prepping/brushing stuff on, drop the tank and exhaust to get at everything. Get new mufflers/pipes, new brake/gas lines, and it will look pretty darn nice. And, since it is a Ford, most of the front is already protected by what used to be motor oil.
  17. That's what I thought. My dad had several 64-66 Thunderbirds and we had talked about putting the 'M' 3x2's on his 64 convertible. I did find this, though...interesting to see how many different Ford motors had 3x2s developed for them. Although, not necessarily by Ford. Not sure how old the website is, https://www.ford6vcarburetion.com/
  18. So was yours progressive or did all the carbs open simultaneously?
  19. Sorry, I was thinking 6 venturis (3 carbs). The other is four carb (8 venturis). The tri-power is I think a single plane manifold and all carbs/venturis open into the same plenum area. Unlike the Weber type where each carb venturi feeds a single cylinder. Theoretically the tri-power is more forgiving of imbalance, but I would imagine it is important to get the outer carbs throttle plates fairly well synched or one end of the motor might pull harder than the other for a short time. Someone else will more than I do about them.
  20. Unless this version is set up differently, the tri-power set-ups are usually progressive. You run on the center carb at lower speed and then the outer carbs kick in later. A little different than running three SU's or Webers on a Jag...or four IDAs on a V8...or worse 6 DCNFs on a 12!
  21. That was it, the Fairlane drums. More 'mysts of time' recollections. There are still lots of cars out there with original springs and shocks of questionable age and/or quality. I would presume anyone asking about a disc swap would have already dealt with the suspension, but someone else reading this might not have thought about it.
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