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  1. My personal favorite... Working on removing a cylinder head on an engine with headstuds, there was aluminum corrosion inside the headbolt hole. The head would slide up a little and stick, so I had to work it up and down. Finally it was free, so I grabbed it both hands and pulled. It came off...almost. My right hand was too close to the stud as the head came up and the web of skin between my outstretched thumb and forefinger was pulled into the headbolt hole. Once again the head was stuck. So was my hand. I had to yell for my boss to help free it...and me. The head had also wedged on
  2. Just like cars, the older we get the more trips we make to the shop... Congratulations on a successful trip!
  3. Sometimes it's like that. You lose interest or inspiration for awhile...like a phase., it may pass. I know every time I have gotten rid of something because I felt a lack of interest, I regretted it later. Although, I do know how much fun small two seaters are! Especially if the top goes down and it has a manual transmission. Some people will never know what it's like. Maybe it will come back, if not, have fun either way!
  4. Is the 70 and up disc spindle beefier than the drum spindle? Aside from having the caliper mounting on it.
  5. I believe the reason for the drum spindle is there is no caliper bracket on it, so much easier to mount a custom bracket. There are better quality rotors and pads out there, but with such big wheels, they would still look a little small.
  6. For a parts car to be worth anything it's got to have parts that are worth something...to you or someone else. One thing to remember is that for any given model of car, generally whatever is wrong with yours will probably be wrong with a parts car. All the same parts wear out, rust out, get hit, etc. The only two variables are storage and region. Unless...you find a decent car (restored or original) that recently got damaged. Or a rusty car that sat in a garage for 35 years. I'd love to have the rust free Grande David has. I'm not hung up on "it's got to be a rare Mach or Boss
  7. Okay, so it seems you have an additional type to consider which is the rebuilt compressors. So there is 'good' new, 'cheap' new, 'good' rebuilt, and 'cheap' rebuilt. And then which type of belt drive you want. Here is a Holley branded black Sanden. It says it is OEM Sanden in the listing. "Black SD508 is the compact high performer of the Holley compressors. It tolerates bursts of higher RPM better than other compressors and has a light weight clean design. This also is an OE manufactured compressor. (Sanden)" https://www.ebay.com/itm/Holley-199-103-SD508-
  8. I think those are the ones sold under the Sanden name, not 'Sanden-style'. I guess they have to be 'genuine' Sanden.
  9. According to what I read on there, Sanden 508s are made in Taiwan (not the same as made in China) and the Camden 70something is made in the US. 508 is stronger, the other is smaller. 'Sanden-style' is made in China.
  10. That is a nice coupe! Honestly, I never thought the factory rear spoiler worked well on coupes, but I do like the front spoiler on them.
  11. Do a Google search on Nostalgic AC Parts. They have a page discussing just that.
  12. Here's a question for you guys...if you use a dry blasting media, what do you do about the insides of rockers and frame rails? That is where the serious problems tend to hide. Bodywork is one thing, but all those years of mud and salt start doing their magic from the inside out.
  13. That was the thing about my bad module,...it tested good. Swapped it with a known good one and everything was fine.
  14. My first thought is the firing order as well. I know SA got their version of the Australian Falcons with the Clevelands, but if the 'specialist' is more familiar with Chevy stuff then he might have used the 351 Windsor firing order. The other thing is the GM style module in your distributor. I have a GM 4.3 Safari van (1990 with TBI) that I have had to sort out 30 years of neglect after buying it last year. It uses the same style module as the V8s. I was having issues and put in a brand new replacement. Chased my tail awhile before realising the brand new module was bad. There has
  15. I like the new 124 spider. A friend has a 500 Abarth Turbo that keeps me thinking about getting one of those. The problem is it sounds too much like an idling tractor.
  16. Don't forget that controlling the weight transfer (fore and aft, side to side) is a big piece of the puzzle. Even if you get 50/50 distribution, weight transfer can still cause you problems. Especially if your weight balance requires moving things further from the cg...the longer the pendulum, the more it takes to control it.
  17. Jim, I'm more partial to a dark red, like my old 70 fastback. It wasn't the original color, but it was like blood red. Normally I don't care for the bright reds. But, vermillion fire is a good one. It's not red, it's not orange.... I looked at buying a Mach1 that color in the early 90's.
  18. Thanks! That is a nice sunroof.
  19. Greg, Any chance you have pics of your sunroof?
  20. Do you have someone in the states that could help process it thru a "bill of sale" state? It's a paperwork shuffle. Some US states do not have titles for older cars. So a "bill of sale" is required for registering the car. You "sell" the car to someone in one of these states and they register it there, then they "sell" the car back to you with paperwork/bill of sale from that state. Now it is in the system in that state and the other states have a system for dealing with transfers from that state to theirs. States the require a title generate a new title. That is a simplified ex
  21. Yeah, I ran into the same thing looking at a 72 or 73 sportsroof back around 89. The kid (although we were probably the same age) swore it had a Boss 302 in it. When I questioned that he said they had verified it. They probably thought the same thing that all 302s were Boss 302s. If I had been thinking a little quicker I would have asked him if with the stories of the legendary Boss 302, maybe they were a little disappointed in the performance of their car? Like maybe there was something wrong with it...
  22. Not for those that have passed on, just fun memories we have of our dads..some true, some not so true... I was thinking of the time i talked to my dad about that time in your life when things start to change. Your body starts to fill out. Your voice changes. You grow hair in new places. Your interests and feeling towards other people starts to take on new meaning and new directions. Parts of your body begin to react in new ways you never knew to expect. I remember his wise words of wisdom like it was yesterday... "Welcome to middle age."
  23. Glad to hear I'm not the only one to dislike BF's. I've never had a set I liked, always seemed like they lacked grip and seemed downright scary in the rain. On the other hand, I do have a PAIR of BF's that I really liked...
  24. Depends on the type. Standard aftermarket pop-up s are not a hot item and are usually too small. If I remember right the Cougars had an actual metal sunroof as an option, but I could be mistaken. If it's a really well done conversion, it might not hurt the value, otherwise, it's probably not a good thing. Pics would help.

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