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  1. After couple of kids I am finally back on the project... and have a couple of questions JPaz. What engine did you have? What intake did you get? I bought an edelbrock carb for my 351C-4V CJ and even with a spacer plate it is not a right fit so (Air leaking and without the spacer the bottom valves on the carb bind on the intake manifold seat... soooo... I have two options.. buy some other carb that will fit or.. I am looking at the Edelbrock Performer AirGap intake manifold and might do that.
  2. So about a year and a half ago I bought a Edelbrock Thunder AVS 650 CFM carb (after I called edelbrock to confirm) to replace the original after a carb job by a 'pro' basically rendered the old carb useless. Two girls later I finally have some 'dad' time to get the carb on the car, get some spark cables and distributor cap replaced and replace the fuel system from tank to carb. I fire it up and it starts running. Start working with the curb idle etc and take it out for a spin.. nothing when I stand on it.. in fact it backfires... I bring it back.. look at everything and finally figure out the @#$%@#$ secondaries are binding.. I cant get the secondaries to swing open past the intake manifold.. looks like they wont fit.. Has anyone been able to get the edelbrock to work? I bought the 1805 based on the phone call to Edelbrock..... :@
  3. Who has updated their q code 72 with a new carb? Should I go Holley or edelbrock or another brand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Gah. Sent it back to CC and had them look it it. They said it was dirty fuel. Problem is I have a new fuel system and now just added a secondary filter and still...fountain. Added a new fuel Pump too just in case the pump was pushing to much pressure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. So I sent my AutoLite Carb off to Champion Carb. to get rebuilt... and it looks awesome and seems like it was rebuilt with care. I strapped it on, hooked up all the hoses and turned the crank.. it started!! and then began to die on me.. right as it died, fuel poured out of the vents. Then as I gave it the key again, it started spewing more fuel out... Any ideas or suggestions? Father-In-Law suggests it is a stuck float but seems like that wouldn't be an issues with a fresh professional rebuilt carb...
  6. Jim which Edlebrock did you put on yours? What code is your 351?
  7. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the welcome!!
  8. Howdy! Just a quick bit about me. The wife inherited a numbers matching, original owner 1972 Mach1 from her dad about a year ago and since started my dive into the amazing world of bringing the car back to its glory days (while keeping as much original as possible).
  9. Thanks Jeff. I will give them a shout. Did they resurface/repaint your carb? Champion says they coat it in the end to prevent future degradation, etc. Could be hype-bs....
  10. Over the past year we have been giving the 1972 Mach 1 my wife inherited from her father some love it needed. He was the original owner and the carb (4300D) has been rebuilt quite a few times in the last 40+ years. I have the shop manuals and did a rebuild and tune-up according to factory book guidance and I still have some issues with the accelerator pump leaking from time to time and the float sticking causing the fuel to squirt out the vents... in other words, the rebuild I did just didnt fit the bill. I did some searching, chatting, calling and I found champion carburetors. Has anyone used their ship, rebuild, return service? My concern is shipping a numbers-matching 4300D carb considering how hard it is to find these.
  11. JHawk, I like this idea (coming back to the thread after a few months). Do you have any video of what yours sounds like with this combination?
  12. Good evening. I have a 1972 Mach1 with a 351Q code and a 4300-D 4V carb. I have some credit ($) at CJ and the wife and I are talking about what is next. EVERYTHING is stock on the car so I wanted to see if anyone had a recommendation for exhaust. I have been looking at Flowmasters (Super 44, 40 Delta Flow, or Super 40). Second question is are there any suggestions to tweak some power out of the stock 351?
  13. Drop, MeZapU thanks! I will look at both and figure out which way is the best route (cost). Doesn't really matter anyway. I bought the rims and tires from CJPonyParts. They finally arrived and they shipped the wrong size, and put the rims on the wrong tires... sigh..
  14. I finally saved up enough to follow all the great advice on here and ordered 4 new tires, rims and kit for the 72' mach1 stang. I am going to not assume but go ahead and replace the brake pads in the front and shoes in the back. Any suggestions where some of you have picked up brake parts in the past? Is it as simple Autozone and get the best brake pads/shoes they offer?
  15. Gotcha. Any recommendations on where to pick up a good deal on the magnum 500's? I have been looking at tirerack and the heat cycling service they offer but dont see the rims I want.
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