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  1. Guys , i forgot to say that the rotors that i have on my car are Original FOMOCO rotors... I understand that rims or discs or flywheels should be balanced , but i never saw balance weights on Original Ford parts..
  2. Last week when i cruised the interstate at 60 mph my left front wheel blocked totaly ... , came loose again and blocked totaly again... when i managed to stop the car on the emergency lane i found out that there was a little chunck of steel between caliper and disc.. I removed it , wheel came loose , and i went to my shop to put the car on the car-hoist. First i thought that a piece of brakepad was broken of but when i examined better it seemed that a "Y" clip that was spot welded to the inside of the discrotor fell of and caused this problem.. i took the discrotor from the other side of the car and saw that the "Y" clip was present but came loose also when i wiggled it a bit.. Those "Y"clips are present between the air flow ducts in the disc rotor , 1 on each rotor... What's the purpose of those "Y"clips .. ? , balancing..? I drove the car without the clips for a couple of miles , maybe i noticed a slight unbalance in the car .. , or maybe it's just me.. So does anybody know where are those clips for..?? thanks in advance , John
  3. Welcome from the Netherlands... JB
  4. Welcome from the Netherlands... JB
  5. Welcome from the Netherlands... JB
  6. If you want one from the Netherlands ... please mail me your adress. Hilarious prank !!!! JB
  7. I don't think medium lime metallic with a red interior is a good combo... The medium lime is awesome , i would change the interior color... JB
  8. It's also forbidden in Europe to tamper with these tags ..... but if you realy need to do this , you have to search the internet... What's the reason you want to do this ?? JB
  9. I went to a radiator shop last week , they put in a new cooling block with double capacity.. If i have to ship one over to this side of the pond it would cost me a lot of money. JB
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