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    1972 Mustang fastback: 429 SCJ w/C6 trans (for sale)
    2006 Mustang GT: 4.6L w/T-56 trans, heavily modified (for track duty)


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    Chicago, IL
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  1. Thanks everybody! I have to admit, this is probably the warmest reception I've gotten on a forum board. Nice folks - and from all over the place! Very cool. And Mike, that video is great! I have a bunch of video ideas, but never the time/resources to pull them off. Glad yours made it to reality. Best, -j
  2. Hi All! Glad to have found this group. I've had my `72 Fastback since I was a young man, and for years it has sat rather untouched. That will all change soon though, so I look forward to sharing the journey to get her back on the road better than ever. As a bit of background, here are my vitals: Name: John Santiago Profession: Philosophy Professor Car #1: 1972 Mustang fastback Car #2: 2006 Mustang GT Home: Chicago, IL Hobby: High Performance Driving, Time Trial racing, Driving Coach Affiliated Organizations: NASA-Midwest, Hooked on Driving-Great Lakes region, MVP Track Time, Midwest F-Body I got into the driving scene about 6 years ago or so, and I've taken my (once) daily driver 2006 Mustang from stock to a heavily modified track toy. I'm not much for straight-line drag strip work, as I much prefer the curves of a dedicated road course. The `72 probably won't be built for that sort of duty, but it should have a solid foundation for it if the direction of this car's build changes down the road. Should be fun! Best, -j
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