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  1. I'm pretty sure you'll only receive an email about a new reply *IF* there's been a new reply since the last time you visited the forum. for example, if you're signed into the forum and someone replies to the thread, I don't think it'll send you an email. however, if you're not signed in, and there's a reply to the thread you're subscribed too, I believe you'll receive an email. I think that's how the system works, if memory serves me correctly.
  2. I got some optimization things we're going to try once Barry gets the site switched over to the dedicated box. we'll also try to eliminate some unnecessary plugins.
  3. that should square you away for a bit. guys, this is going to cost substantially more, so if you can help chip in to cover the costs, I'm sure Barry would greatly appreciate it. Barry, what's the new monthly cost over the shared hosting? Shall we try to set up a donation drive?
  4. those are pretty good stats for a forum that isn't that old.
  5. if you guys find any spammers, report their posts and we'll remove them. if they don't post and you see their spam signatures and bios, message myself, rocketfoot, or any other mod and we'll remove them. rocketfoot- there's a mod out there that hides signatures until a user makes X amount of posts.
  6. I resurrected on purpose. I didn't know anything about you due to your behind the scenes nature so Rewelcoming you would stoke the fire a little. :D no worries. my car knowledge is extremely limited so my posting is more in the support section when I do post.
  7. talk about a thread that's been resurrected! I'm a fan of the 65-67 mustangs and the new 2010+ mustangs. not so much a big fan of anything in between, but I will say the old gt 500 is HOT. thanks for the kind gestures.
  8. there's a referral link in your profile that'll link them to the registration place and automatically fill in the referral section with your name. is you click on user cp>user cp home at the top of the forums, you'll see the link under the "your account summary" section at the top. see the attachment Rocketfoot- there's a plugin to do this if you want to add one: http://mybbcentral.com/thread-1653.html
  9. I just optimized the database tables and did some other mybb optimization so we should see some improvements.
  10. firefox as my main browser, but I use opera, chrome & IE 6 to check sites when I'm coding them.
  11. I will admit. I'm not much for Mustangs except for the '65s and the 2010+ body styles, but damn is 'Eleanor' sexy as hell!
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