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  1. I have a set of GT40P heads. They came off a good running 5.0 engine a couple years ago. they have been sitting in my garage since. No broken exhaust studs or intake bolts. I picked them up for my sons Mustang, but since then, he has picked up a Coyote 5.0, so these can go. Also, a Performer intake. $130 for the heads, $75 for the intake or $175 for both. located in Davison, MI 48423 [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] thanks, Matt
  2. This kit looks good! I ordered one... plan to put it on over the winter
  3. Will the petal upgrade for a 70 work with our cars? the way I read it is the kit is for 68 - 73 but the pedal upgrade is needed on the 68 - 70
  4. have you looked at one of these kits? https://www.performanceonline.com/1968-73-fod-mustang-disc-brake-conversion-kit-v-8-drum/
  5. Not a bad morning of parts hunting. 40 minutes and $50 got us a set of GT40P heads. Thats the good part. Bad part is he had a fender bender last night...so we will be fixing that first.
  6. sorry... here you go http://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=10094&currency=USD&gclid=CMn8o4be07oCFcYRMwod3z0AAw
  7. Ive always had good luck with Hellwig swaybars. I picked one up for my sons 71 and it fit with no issues. And they are made in the U.S. ... always a plus!
  8. thanks for the link. I have found a couple on craigslist in the area. My son and I are going to go hunt around a couple local parts yards this weekend that seem to have their fair share of Fords. I love junk yard hunting. We'll see how it goes
  9. well....I suppose there really isnt a budget...but like I said, since its his daily driver....and hes not a race nut, I just want to freshen up the engine... and yes, figuring on a mild cam and a performer intake. If he was the slightest bit interested in more performance....Id be all over the Cleveland head thing. That said, most of these Ford parts are pretty reasonably priced compared to the Mopar parts. Last year, my oldest son and I redid a 72 Charger / 383 for his ride. This one just needs to be a decent sounding / looking ride that runs solid.
  10. The engine has a bit over 58000 on it. Runs OK for what it is. Compression test showed a low of 125 and a high of 140. I cant remember the specific cyls right now...but that was the spread.
  11. sorry if I'm missing something....but how would I see a performance improvement with the same head? Im new to Fords...and everyone seems to be telling me that the stock heads flow real bad. We arent looking to make a race car, but if we can swap to a set of heads that flow a bit better, which everyone seems to say the gt40 and p heads do.....I figured why not. The car already has a set of long tube headers on it. From what I have read, it sounds like that should address the p spark plug issue....but I really dont know. Im planning on going to the parts yard this weekend and looking around.
  12. if it only happens under load, I would check your ignition components...plugs, wires cap coil
  13. Over the winter, I am planning on an engine freshen up for my sons 71 302. Since it will be his daily driver, I wanted to swap to a set of heads that have hardened exhaust valve seats. I was planning to go pull a set of heads at the local parts yard off a late model 5.0. Would there be any benefit / improvement to using a set off of 5.8? I know there is a large selection of aftermarket heads that flow great....but I'm trying to keep the $$ low for him. Thanks for any advise Matt
  14. does anyone see a reason a late 70s 302 PCV valve with a 90 degree fitting built into it wouldnt work? http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/FRA0/FV202/02180.oap?year=1978&make=Ford&model=F-100&vi=1120330&ck=Search_02180_1120330_-1&pt=02180&ppt=C0023
  15. OK....so this hose does have a 90 in it where it goes in at the back of the carb, but you're saying there should be another where it fits on the top of the valve? is a correct style hose available??
  16. Here is how our 71 is currently set up. Having a valve that points straight up and then have the hose try and tuck under the stock aircleaner seems to but it in a bind. The PO had tried to wire it to the A/C to try and help keep it straight. Is this correct for a 71 302?[/img]
  17. Thanks rutkak... I wasnt sure if the spacing out from the waterpump would be similar on a clutch fan and direct.
  18. So, I'm still learning as I work on my sons 71.....First Ford I have worked on. I was surprised to see that it had a direct drive cooling fan. Its a 302 with A/C. Is there a fan clutch replacement that folks have found that is about the same distance so the fan/shroud still sit at the right distance? thanks Matt
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