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    1995 Mustang GT Cobra Clone


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  1. My true first muscle car was a 78 Trans Am i bought when i was 19. My first car when I was 16 was a 74 Mercury Cougar with a 351 Cleveland it was more of cross muscle/comfort. Then at 18 i bought a 76 Mustang 2 fastback and swapped out the v6 for a 66 289 w/c4.
  2. If read the guy put a 71 body on a 2003 chassis. Its different but not really a fan.
  3. My 73 Mach 1 has no electrical power when ignition is turned. The car was stored 9 years in a burn in Oregon. I figured possibly it was the fuse box. Then I looked at a 71 Grande this weekend and the guy showed me that the motor ran but did it by jumping the coil and solenoid. I asked why he didn't do it through the ignition and he said there is a relay under the dash that goes out when the car has sat for a long time. Is there such a relay under? Is it located under the dash and if so what is it actually called? Any help would be appreciated. Frank
  4. 1.1969 Boss 429 2.1970 Boss 429 3.1971 Mach1 429SCJ 4.My dads 1966 GT K code 5.1967 GT500 6.1971-1973 Convertible 7.2007 GT/CS triple black 8.2013 GT500 9.67-68 Fastback 10.My old 1976 mustang 2.
  5. I like the look of that. I would rather drive it than drive my navigator.
  6. Welcome from central Wa. Looks like you got yourself a great car
  7. Glad he was safe. Someone high above was looking out for him.
  8. happy Thanksgiving and welcome from central Wa.
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