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  1. The picture looks like quarter glass? Just trying to help with the description. The quarter glass trim seems to be more shiny to me than the trim around the windshield and rear glass.
  2. Outstanding work as always Q. Thanks for the link, I enjoyed catching up on this build.
  3. Appreciate you posting this information! I was just considering ordering the upper arms. My recent acquisition has new stock lower arms, but needs replacement uppers. I didn't realize you had to drill new holes for the mounting of the upper arms. Looking forward to the rest of your report.
  4. Thanks Eric! I'm a little excited about getting back into the hobby, a little further ahead of my last "project"... Hopefully my old Mach lands in some good hands that'll do it justice some day.
  5. Well, low and behold I find myself in possession of a 73 Convertible, Yellow with Black interior and Black top. 302/C4 combination. Looking forward to getting more active on the forums again, and encouraged to see some old friends still here.
  6. Hello all. It's been quite some time since I was active on the site here, but I'm glad to see some familiar friends still carrying the torch. I thought I'd post up my project car, 71 Mach 1 H code by the VIN to gauge interest if someone is looking to start/takeover a project. I've had the car since 2002, and it has been garaged since. The car was running, 351C 4v Closed chamber heads backed with C-6, not numbers matching. The bad: rusted out cowl on passenger side, rust in the A pillar and around windshield molding area, and taillight panel. The package tray was hacked out. I've had the floor pans and trunk pan replaced back in 2002. The car is currently as it appears in my garage section, sitting in the corner of the shop. I also have xtra parts from a junk body I've cut up to piece into mine; package tray/sports roof structure, front firewall/windshield structure. NOTE: I've not registered the car and Do Not have a Title. We don't require titles in Alabama for vehicles older than '75 I think. Just wanted to put that out there since it may be an issue for some of you. Thanks for reading, if you're interested PM me and we can discuss details. I'm considering a move, and likely won't have a shop to work on this for awhile. I'm not interested in parting out, but really would like to turn it all over to someone interested in doing the restore. I may let the 351C go if someone is looking for one (2 bolt main, 4v closed chamber heads, torn down to short block on engine stand). I'm in North Alabama, close to the Tennessee state line, not far from I-65.
  7. May take one of you up on your reservations as time gets closer... I'll be driving the 2011 up, and don't have definite plans yet.
  8. Outstanding BT! I eagerly await the results. My guess would be just that, but here's wishing you something north of 700 on both counts!
  9. May your New Year be "Happy, Happy, Happy" :D
  10. Well well, nice to see the whole crew practically chiming in on this thread... I've been on hiatus as of late myself. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!! Car looks Fantastic Roy!
  11. Man... what to say. To date you're the only member I've met in person, thanks for making me feel welcome in Knoxville! Hope to look you up next time I get up there. Let us know how the '70 turns out.
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