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  1. Yesterday was the day to visit the Mustang exhibition, unfortunately it was not possible to go earlier so that’s why my report comes later as expected. I was really excited to what I was going to see and hoped for a lot of cars. All the Mustangs where placed near the entrance, so after entering we could see them and went straight to them. Fortunately the older ones where in the majority but still the number of Mustangs was not what I hoped for, basically each type / year was represented by one car so it was not a big display. See the pictures underneath.
  2. Hello Vince, Welcome tot the club and greetings form Leiderdorp! Ronald
  3. Hello Everybody, As promised herewith some news about the Mustang exhibition in the Den Hartog Ford museum. On display are 18 rare and or vintage Mustangs, the oldest is from halfway 1964! The other rare and vintage Mustangs are from the following years: 1967 1968 1970 1972 1973 1976 1988 Later rare versions are from: 2001 2007 2012 The 2012 Mustang is a special version not on Dutch license. All cars are privately owned Mustangs. Further more A film "40 years of Mustang" is on play. For each visitor the latest issue of Mustang magazi
  4. True there collection is said to be older than the 50’s. Also I'm very curious where these mustangs are from, I’ll ask and report here, consider me the reporter on duty:)
  5. Hello I'll get in to that asap en reply here. Regards, Ronald
  6. During the month November 2013 the Den Hartogh Fordmuseum in Hillegom will hold an exhibition about Mustangs. De Den Hartogh Fordmuseum owns the biggest collection of vintage Fords in the World. http://www.fordmuseum.nl/fordmu/ Of course I will be there and shoot some pictures. If you have requests, drop me a mail. Regards, Ronald
  7. Dear All, Thank you very much for the warm welcome. And how nice to see responses from people living in places I've only read about in books or seen in movies! Makes me wonder how your states look like and in some cases did the snow already fell? And yes Mike I've been through Luxembourgh a few times and liked it really.
  8. Hello All, I'm Ronald ached 46 from the Netherlands and a fan of Mustangs form my early childhood. Ad this moment I don’t own a Mustang, this is a dream hopefully to come true in the future. For the moment I’m focusing on acquiring a 1/12 Mustang and build it. Regards, Ronald
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