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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a proportional valve and distribution block for my 71 Mach without modification of lines ? Thanks!!
  2. Hi Folks, Any suggestions for my sticky key ignition switch at the column? When I turn it , it does not want to rotate back and keeps starter turning. Thank you in advance!!
  3. I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people from this forum who helped me through the restoration process of my 71 ( you know who you are).I wrapped it up late last summer. This forum is priceless. This car and I go way back. I bought back in 79' when I was 16. I have known it since it was new when a friend of the family bought. My sister bought it from him in 75'. Thank you all again!!
  4. Hello All ! My 351 C M CODE has a dual Vacuum advance distributor and my mechanic said I should off it for a single vacuum. Any suggestions to what distributor I should get? I want something that looks stock. Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Hello all, Anyone know where this sticker go? I beleive it goes somewhere under hood. Thank you in advance!!
  6. Hi All, anyone have any suggestions on how to make interior inner quarter trim panels look any better? all the graining is coming off . Thanks in advance!!
  7. Does your car have a power brake booster? maybe the vacuum line? Hello All, Problem solved. After thinking I needed to replace booster I thought for the heck of it I would put the old hose and valve combo back on the car. Suddenly my brake light went off and the brake pedal movement was restored. I guess the hose I used was incorrect . I did check it and it did not appear to have any kinks or any signs of collapsing but for some reason just did not work. Anyhow thanks to everybody for the help!!
  8. The 71-73 ram air setup does not have a decal on the air cleaner lid. The decals are on the hood. Either a 351 ram air or 429 ram air decal in black or argent is used. Mac No kidding? Thanks!
  9. Hello All, Anyone know for certain what the air cleaner decal should look like for 71 351 Ram Air? I added the ram air. thank you in advance!!
  10. Does your car have a power brake booster? maybe the vacuum line? yes it does have power brakes. Vacuum line and fitting on end is new. thanks Thank you all for the suggestions. I did not bench bleed master cylinder after it was removed during restoration. I will start there. thanks again guys!!
  11. Hello all, I have a little brake issue( I hope). When I fire car up, brake light on dash lights up and brake pedal is in an upward position and difficult to depress. All the brake lines were just replaced and fluid is at a good level. Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello Folks. Thank you all very much for the suggestions. Battery is new and connections are good. I am going to start with fusible links seeing the are the cheapest and easiest thing to do. My next question is how do I know what amperage to get?? Thanks again.
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