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    71 Mustang Sports Roof, all original 351 M Code, Ram Air, 4 speed, factory installed 15 inch Magnums, staggered shocks, deck lid spoiler, Grabber Green Metallic and black out hood.


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  1. Sorry, I am looking for a Power box. Thanks.
  2. Hello All. I am looking for a 1971-3 Saginaw steering box. Thanks, Mike Howard.
  3. Here is a copy of the Marty report and a picture. Thanks for the replies. I actually found a link on the Marti website FAQ page that highlighted the exact issue on another car. Link from Kevin Marti Auto Works Page. https://www.martiauto.com/faqfocus.cfm?qid=139 upload
  4. Thanks for the reply. Is there any additional information available? I am curious to know how many were goofed for 1971? Thanks, Mike H.
  5. Hello All. I have a 71 Sportsroof that was built in Metuchen, NJ that have a really goofy VIN situation going on. The dash VIN tag, and the door sticker both show the VIN starting with the number 1, for 1971 obviously, but after inspecting the VIN stamped on the top of both towers, they both start with "0", as in 1970. A guy from the FCA was over to buy some parts and asked if it was a Metuchen car right away, and then said it was well documented. I have looked all over the web and can't find any reference or instance of this happening. Does anyone know about, or heard of this previously? Thanks, Mike H.
  6. Hello. I am in line on the headers. I will PM you my details. Thanks, Mike H. Wires are spoken for. I'll check on the headers ship price and let you know. Updated status on parts
  7. Hello. I have a D1ZX-9424-FA Holley Dominator flange intake, I think they made both. Edited: Sorry, I see the -DA now, never mind. Thanks, Mike H.
  8. Hello All. Looking for a set of 351c 2V headers to fit Mustang, Torino, or Cougar. Thanks, Mike H.
  9. mtburger


    Yes, the 95 GT has a solid lifter Cleveland with a Top Loader behind it, old school stuff all the way. Thanks again to all for a very nice welcome. Mike H.
  10. mtburger


    Thanks Guys, much appreciated. The Blue one is a Montego MX with a GT hood installed.
  11. mtburger


    Hello, Mike Howard here. I joined a while ago, but this is my first post. I live in South Eastern Mass, have several Ford and Mercs that I enjoy. The one on topic here is a 71 Sports Roof, original Grabber Green Metallic, M code, 4 speed, Ram Air, competition suspension, factory Magnum wheel car that is pretty much a stripper other wise, manual brake, manual steering. I will post the Marti report. I am in process of upgrading the engine to a warmed over 472 with the rest of the associated big block items. Some pictures of my project. Thanks, Mike H.
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