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  1. I think you can also get by with 15" Dodge trim rings. They are available new for $100 or a set. We tried those prior to me finding some unobtanium trim rings. Still looking for a pair of good 15 x 7 1970 trim rings too.
  2. Great to meet you Travis (Doug the Dog!). Make sure you send me your e-mail so I can send you some links as promised. James
  3. Hey Travis, I'm here and they're shut til 4.30! I'll see you out front.
  4. I was thinking Batistas which is in behind the Flamingo?
  5. Hopefully at least two of us will be meeting tomorrow for a late lunch - say 2pm. Please let me know if you'd like to join us, my number is 562-241-6690. Regards, James
  6. Hey, I'm in Vegas! 562 241 6690. James I'm free for lunch on Sunday if anyone would like a catch up and hello?
  7. Thanks Jeff! I will do! I just have to get a US cell phone and then I'll Put it up and PM you. Thanks for the tip also!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm visiting LA next week and wanted details on two different places you suggest: 1: regular parts shop to buy brake parts/ Seat covers etc for my 03 Explorer; 2: a mustang shop with the most parts on the shelf for my 71 Mach. And if anyone wants to catch up for a coffee or beer in LA and Vegas in the next few weeks please message me! Thanks, James
  9. Do you have a price? What is the vin, is it matching numbers?
  10. OK, sorry for the delay. It's a January 1978 block out of an XC series Ford Falcon. Australian cast block essentially the same as a US D2AE block. Same distributor bore etc. it is your usual 2 bolt 1970s Aussie Cleveland. Much stronger and thicker bores than the DOAE blocks. Have fun!
  11. Great story and a very cool car for your daughter.
  12. I really like the sprint optioned sportsroofs. Good for you!
  13. Interesting that it's got the '351' crank - I would have thought that was from 79 or later. What's the engine number on the block near the distributor hole?
  14. Welcome from Adelaide, South Australia!
  15. Hello gurus, just wondering if the M code and 1972 CJ have the same pistons? I am hoping they are the same, but the different heads change the compression ratio. James
  16. Yes, we had a destroked Cleveland (302) with quench 2 barrel heads. Aren't the aussie cylinder heads closed chamber?
  17. Thanks guys. Paint is bright red just the way it came into the world
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