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  1. Couple months into the restoration, and things are going well. There was more rust involved than I expected, but the car is almost 50 years old and it's been around the beach it's whole life, so I guess that is expected. We've found a lot of bad repair work from the previous accident and previous rust repair. Here are some progress pics. Cowl rust and repair pics Other front end repairs The front end is pretty much fixed now, all the rust has been repaired/replaced. The new doors arrived (old ones had a lot of rust repair, done wrong, cheaper to replace). He is starting on the rear of the car, and as expected there is a lot of bad repair work from the accident. I'm spending a lot of money, but the work is quality, and when it is all said in done, I am going to enjoy driving this car all over the US.
  2. Restoration update, two weeks in to the work. First week was slow because of memorial day and vacation things. I am not in a hurry so it doesn't bother me. I know I picked the right guy to work on the car, because he immediately spotted problems with the car related to the accident and previous rust issues. If you go back in this thread, you can see the car was hit pretty good. It's apparent that they did not fix the car correctly, and once he pointed it out...it is obvious now. From the shop - " In one of the photos you can see that the rear valance pan is totally misaligned and not the correct contour to meet the quarter panel— which I believe is also a problem as it looks like it was pieced and the pinchweld seam is not right." Bottom of the rear quarter that was improperly seamed at the curve and not installed at the pinch weld Bottom of the front fender. Plastic filler at the front (?) maybe a patch piece. Nearly a ⅝” gap at the bottom of the door to the rocker panel on both sides of the car. His suggestion is to order new sheet metal and doors and get the car done right, he is also going to strip all the paint to make sure there are not other issues . I have the money to do it right, so I am taking his advice. He is going to remove the front fenders this week and start working the shock tower rust. I also told him to weld up the antenna hole because we stream all of our music and I think the car will look cleaner without an antenna. :)
  3. Things got delayed, but it is finally happening. The car got moved from storage to begin the restomod progress! I wish I could do more of the work myself, I just don't have the time or the place to work on it. I can't wait to finally get to drive this car like it is meant to be driven. Way too many years in a garage or storage.
  4. I met with the guy that will be working on the car a few weeks ago. I was really impressed with the shop, the other projects he was working on, and his overall passion for classic cars. Because of work travel, I had to push the start date to early February, instead of January. The best part is that my wife also came along for the shop visit, and she is just as excited as I am to get the car on the road full time. In the meantime I'm still kicking around ideas for the build. He suggested the Holley Sniper EFI, and he actually had a '69 Camaro at the shop with that system on it. It looked good, started right up, and sounded great. Reading the reviews, it looks like a quality EFI system, and I don't have any allegiance to Holley or Edelbrock, so I'll probably go with the Holley. We are also starting the search for an explorer rear end to swap in the 8.8 inch rear with disc brakes. I need to figure out which years are the best fit. Is it any early 90's Explorer or Sport Trac? Obviously, I still have plenty of research to do.
  5. Hello all, it's been a long time, but I have the fever back and it is getting close to time for continuing this build. A lot has changed in my life, and unfortunately, I no longer have the house with that awesome lift! However, I do have money to spend on this car now, and I want a reliable driver that has a wow factor. I am not going to be able to do most of the work myself, the car, my tools, etc are in a 10x20 storage unit and I travel a lot. Sometimes I am gone 3 or 4 months at a time. When I come home, I want to be able to jump in, turn the key, and drive the car (for the most part). In November I will be home and I am going to meet with at least one recommended shop that is the primary candidate to build the car for me. In the meantime, I am looking to start buying parts. I am leaning toward a Blueprint 347 crate engine from summit. And I want EFI so I am thinking about the Edelbrock ProFlo 4 system. Other ideas for the first phase of this build (phase 1 is getting it to reliable fun weekend driver) is a new convertible top, and new rims/tires. I need to figure out if the freshly rebuilt C4 transmission is going to be ok short term for the 347, or does that have to be changed also. I expect it will bolt up fine, but can it handle the 400+ hp from the engine (I don't plan to race it, just cruising). Anyway, I have lots of questions and I am glad to be back here on this great forum. It was an awesome experience getting the car on the road after so long, and I hate seeing it sit once again. I am determined to make it live up to it's potential. Should I start a new thread, or just continue with this one?
  6. The car will stay here on the east coast of Florida...so, hot and humid.
  7. Some of you may have seen my old thread about restoring my 71 Convertible here. I made a lot of progress, and I have enjoyed driving her off and on for a while now. Unfortunately, life has taken another twist, and some big decisions have been made. I will be relocating for work reasons, and I need to put the car in storage. I plan on being gone at least a year...maybe two. So now I need advice on storing the car properly. I am going to rent a local storage unit, probably 10X20. In goes the car, my tools, and a few other things the wife and I have decided to keep. What advice do you have for storing the car for this long? Please give me tips, advice, or past experience to help keep the car in good shape for when I return. Thanks!
  8. Welcome from Florida! Are we ever really done with these cars...I just don't see that in my future. Lol! Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  9. I was a little nervous last weekend to take the car on it's first "long" drive outside the neighborhood, but we made it back! :D Went across the causeway to the beach and we could not have had better weather. My wife's only complaint is the seat covers...lol! I added the rear sway bar tonight and I think it helped with the "over steer" that I was feeling coming out of corners. It felt like I needed to counter steer because the rear was (for lack of a better term) swaying. Tomorrow I'm taking it in for an alignment. I'm hoping that fixes the front end wobble that I'm getting around 45-50 mph. It smooths out some around 55-60mph. Considering all the suspension work that was done, it is driving OK without an alignment. I also got a Monte Carlo bar with the LMM kit, so I may try to install that tomorrow before the alignment. I'm not sure how much difference it's going to make, but I have it and I think it will clear the distributor, so I might as well put it in. I've been slacking on uploading pictures, but I do have a bunch coming.
  10. My first over the hood picture! 1971 Convertible, brought back to life after 15 years in a garage. I've been working for 6 months to get this car road worthy. We couldn't have had better weather for cruising on a Sunday. This shot is on the Pineda Causeway on our way back from the beach.
  11. I'm so glad I was able to find this thread. I just my car up and running and to date I've only filled it with a 5 gallon can. I had some spillage but I chalked it up to the can. Today I drove it to the gas station and gas dumped all over the place. It turns out that the filler neck was never seated inside the gasket when I changed the tank out. A little lithium grease and it slid right in. I'll try it again in a little while and see if it fixed it.
  12. The car is running pretty good now. I adjusted the brakes and got the engine idling nicely at 850 rpm and ~21 inHg vacuum. I can spin my one tire with the best of them. Now it's time to start building confidence in the car. So far I haven't had it out of my neighborhood, but I'm hoping for a longer ride today. It's beautiful weather here in FL and I'm planning on taking the wife out for a lunch run here shortly. There is still work to do for sure, the power steering seems a little lazy, and the top/interior need work. Overall, I'm pretty happy with where it's at right about now.
  13. Welcome from the Space Coast, Melbourne, FL here.
  14. I'm bookmarking this thread and anxiously awaiting your progress. I would love to have a 429 Vert some day. :-) Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  15. Yeah, the new Vettes are ugly! I appreciate people's enthusiasm for their style of car, but I fell in love with a 71 sports roof as a kid, so I am and always will be a Mustang man. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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