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  1. I can pull it out with a suction cup but it pops back inwards when released. I did not hammer the welds before grinding. Should I? Why so? In this case I can hardly get behind the weld.
  2. Hey folks, Though my welding skills are slowly improving I did discover a dent caused by my welding. See attached picture. I guess I used too much heat there afterall... To me it looks like the weld is pulling the metal due to shrinking. What would be the best way to get the dent to pop out again? A logical solution would be to make the weld put less tension on the sheetmetal above it but how? Any ideas? Thanks, Vincent.
  3. Hey folks, I searched the forum but was unsuccesful in finding anything about this though I cannot imagine nobody posted about this before... How can de "Grande" logo above the quarter panel be removed in a way that it can be replaced? From the inside I can't even locate it (I have all the inside panels and trim removed). From the shop manuals it looks like the logo has only 1 pin at the back that is pushed into a holder, not even screwed. Any helpful tips would be appreciated! Thanks, Vincent.
  4. Finally, the bloody quarter panel is in... This was not an easy job (for me) but I got it done and although it looks rough and will require a bit of filler I think it turned out OK. See for yourself:
  5. The print shop that was used previous years had locations around the world. For customers in the EU the calendar is twice as expensive due to shipping costs. $16 for shipping a $17 item...
  6. This shows the seams on my 73. I do believe the vinyl is original.
  7. So while most people seem to have lots of time due to the pandemic, my progress has been painstakingly slow, mainly due to setbacks with the wheel house and the quarter. Third party reproductions that suck. The wheel house is now done. First I thought about just replacing the lower quarter only to find out it was welded crooked like this: Then I found out I needed a whole quarter and the one I bought again had the bottom welded on like shit again. So I've been recreating that and now finally have something that looks OK (to me anyway): Finally I'm able to go forwards
  8. That's incredibly nice of you to do! I hope the drive(s) will be great :-)
  9. Vinnie

    Car Show

    Thanks for sharing, this way we still get to see some nice cars! And well done on taking covid measures!
  10. The big benefit of tapatalk for me is that I use it to access multiple forums, also ones that do not have a great browser UI. With tapatalk I have them all in one convenient place and accessing is also very easy. The 7173Mustangs forum has now become an exception and eventhough the UI is better than before on my cell, it's still not as easy as tapatalk. Personally I find myself visiting the forum a lot less fequent. Having all that said I realise maintaining the plugin for just a few users would be too costly so I understand if it doesn't come back if it's too much... Thanks for the
  11. Just watched all four vids, thanks for sharing! I like what you said at the end of nr 4; just set small goals and tackle one at a time. Enjoy your car! V.
  12. You were correct, the angle was nearly 0. Applying force using a piece of wood and making a few cuts brought it into position. Thanks again!
  13. Well, lotsa measuring turned into lotsa cutting and bending. But the edge is now pretty close to that of my quarter so next weekend I can hopefully really finish the wheelhouse and start on the quarter panel.
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