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  1. The big benefit of tapatalk for me is that I use it to access multiple forums, also ones that do not have a great browser UI. With tapatalk I have them all in one convenient place and accessing is also very easy. The 7173Mustangs forum has now become an exception and eventhough the UI is better than before on my cell, it's still not as easy as tapatalk. Personally I find myself visiting the forum a lot less fequent. Having all that said I realise maintaining the plugin for just a few users would be too costly so I understand if it doesn't come back if it's too much... Thanks for the
  2. Just watched all four vids, thanks for sharing! I like what you said at the end of nr 4; just set small goals and tackle one at a time. Enjoy your car! V.
  3. You were correct, the angle was nearly 0. Applying force using a piece of wood and making a few cuts brought it into position. Thanks again!
  4. Well, lotsa measuring turned into lotsa cutting and bending. But the edge is now pretty close to that of my quarter so next weekend I can hopefully really finish the wheelhouse and start on the quarter panel.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I will check the angle on the rear part of the house and also compare to my RH side. For some reason (lack of experience perhaps ;-P ) I had not thought about pushing the rear corner of the house back in. That would actually solve another issue I ran into when test fitting the outer skin. I might make a cut here and there to make the bending go easier as I don't want to put too much stress in the car. Will keep you posted!
  6. Today I got frustrated getting my outer wheelwell to match the new quarter panel. I cut off the rotted edge and put in the edge from a new outer wheelwell. Took enough time... Upon further inspection the original outer wheelwell is put in off. No idea how Ford made it to fit. Bottom line: my patch is good but now off as well. So now I am attempting to patch the patch (god that sounds shit...) and make it line up with the quarter panel (which I measured and deemed correct). I am new to bodywork so I have no idea about build quality. Is this common for our cars? Here’s a pic to laugh at: I
  7. New wheelhouse edge is in. It is in the exact same spot as the old edge but when test fitting quarter patches the edge of the outer skin sits half an inch under this one. Gonna be doing lots of measuring this weekend...
  8. Looks like it works again, very happy now, thanks! :-)
  9. It looks great and navigating is not difficult once you know where the links have gone. Nevertheless I find myself using the forum a fair bit less often without Tapatalk because on my phone with little screen Tapatalk still is way easier. I don't know how difficult it is to get it to work with Tapatalk but maybe when the time is right you could add the plugin (assuming that one exists). Cheers!
  10. Bit more progress this weekend. Managed to get the LH quarter window and mechanism out: Also figured out how te remove the weatherstrip: Then cut around the wheel well to assess amount of rot: Took a look at the end of the rocker. Seems surprisingly solid: And finally cut out the patch to replace the rotted edge: Can’t wait to have that welded in!
  11. To answer my own question. That little lip going through the hole needs to be pushed back to get it out in an orderly fashion, like so: Do the same with the other one at the back:
  12. will it work with tapatalk?
  13. I like the 3rd round set a lot (together with the trim around the tail panel) !
  14. Okidoki. Here's a new running total: 11x Upgrade/replace (parts of) front suspension 6x Install subframe connectors 6x Transmission upgrade 5x Upgrade to/rebuild front disc brake 5x Install/upgrade power steering 4x Upgrade/replace (parts of) rear suspension 4x LED dash lights 3x Upgrade differential 3x Install EFI 2x Upgrade to/rebuild rear disc brake 2x Plasma/LED tail light bulbs 2x Adding coupe window mechanism to fastback 2x Reverse camera 2x Exhaust cut-outs 2x Upgrade wheels/tyres 2x Upgrade audio setup 2x Upgrade seats 2x Install/upgrade air condi

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