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  1. I did not end up buying a spot welder, still using mig. The RH quarter will need to be replaced around the wheel well and. shop in Germany has a RH 73 quarter but it’s for a fastback. The RH coupe version is out of stock so I’m wondering if I could use the fastback quarter...
  2. Hey folks, I was also wondering about the differences between quarters for fastbacks and coupes. They are advertised different often but I have the feeling the only differences are near the top of the panel. I only really need the lower part around the wheel well and the rear. Are there any differences in those areas? Thanks! Vincent.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion, I think I'll go through the middle and replace parts of the floor instead of patching the hole. I hope your surgery will happen soon and bring you more comfort! V.
  4. Hey folks, I'm facing a bit of a dilemma I'd like your opinions on. The PO of my car had work done on the floor. I checked it out today and found out that plain sheet metal was laid just covering the edges of the cut hole and then was welded onto it. So it was not welded IN the hole but OVER the hole. Please also have a look at the great appearance of the welds they left behind in attached pictures. I have 2 problems with this: 1 - Used metal is flimsy coz it lacks inforcement dents 2 - The welds look like shit. However, it seems to hold pretty well and doesn't leak an
  5. Took out A/C heater box, few engine bay components, removed the hood, removed RH quarter window + mechanism, checked out my floor and cowl. Managed to poke holes in cowl with screwdriver. Not yet sure on how to proceed, will post elsewhere about that. Current state: Good times!
  6. And here's an interesting read suggesting that the polution of electric vehicles is in fact, less than that from conventional vehicles: - https://www.carbonbrief.org/factcheck-how-electric-vehicles-help-to-tackle-climate-change A lot has to do with the way electricity is generated around the world.
  7. Currently working my way through the dash, after removing the LH door and fender. Found a small hole in the cowl above the heater. Awesome.
  8. I guess you meant to put the dental floss behind it and then pull? When I posted before I didn't know there was another hole that gives access to the pin in the fastener, that hole was covered by insulation.... duh! From the inside I gently tapped it out using an extention and hammer. Also I thought the logo was made of plastic but it's metal so it won't break as easily.
  9. Hey folks, I'm thinking of welding up a frame to support my 73's body when it's bare, stripped of everything. I want to put it on wheels so that the body can also be transported while on this frame. In the rear I guess I could mount it at the front leaf spring mounting point. Dunno about where to mount it on the front side of the body. Has anybody ever made something like this? If so, would you share some of the details and experiences (and maybe even some pics) please? Thanks, Vincent.
  10. I prefer the big fat 73 front bumper but that's just a matter of taste! Your conversion looks great and so does the rest of the car, well done and enjoy! :-)
  11. I think too much shrinking (in the weld) is causing this flat spot. So I don't think I need to shrink anything, actually need to expand the weld. I haven't had time to do so yet though...
  12. Thanks folks! It looks really weird but I guess it's supposed to be like that then. I'm gonna leave it.
  13. Hey folks, I took out my dash frame today and noticed this dent: Is that s'posed to be there or should it be straight? Looks very odd to me... On another note: Has anybody trashed their frame and put in another dash? If you do, pics please :-) Cheers, Vincent.
  14. I invested in the future and bought these from NPD: https://www.npdlink.com/product/disc-brake-conversion-kit-wilwood-forged-dynalite-series/196828 Ever since I was a kid I wanted red calipers on my brakes, visible through a cool set of wheels. These will also motivate me to keep moving forward with my super slow restoration :-) The box will also contain the matching hoses.
  15. The reason for bringing up the offset is coz I need it for the upgrade to disc brakes. 2.5 it is then.
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