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  1. Hotrod or vintage mustangs had an article on just this thing I read somewhere online. I'll hunt for a link, unless you find it first. http://www.onlymustangfords.com/floor-pan-replacement.html
  2. Looks outstanding. It was kinda hard to check out the honeycombs with the boots in the way. They both look fantastic.!
  3. Yep, the same. If you have factory air, you can move the compressor to the side to pull the pump out. If not, no worries. If you are replacing it with an aftermarket or GM style, the bracket may be in the way. I have the stock setup on mine with a/c. I've gazed longingly at those serpentine systems. Gotta save...... The water pump runs off that belt if you have a 351C.
  4. skerwath

    01 mustang.jpg

    Beauty there mate.
  5. skerwath

    new interior.jpg

    I wish my interior was in that color. Would go great my car.
  6. skerwath

    front seats.jpg

    The dust is confusing. Have they been re-done?
  7. Thanks. That black has been on there for a while judging by the tree sap rings on it. Found my build sheets today. I feel like Indiana Jones now. Maybe I'll find some shrink wrapped Benjamin's behind the other trim panel. IMG_4216.HEIC IMG_4231.HEIC IMG_4236.HEIC
  8. Didn't look too bad in there. IMG_4231.HEIC IMG_4236.HEIC
  9. I pulled up my back seat and found my original build sheets.
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