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  1. I have a couple new old stock, but both for the same side. 150$ each plus ride.
  2. Welcome, I've had my 73 302 for 40+years, I added a 3:56 rear axle gear about 20 years ago. Other than that it's stock. That single change has made it a completely different experience. It feels like a rocket compared to its former life. I highly recommend this change.
  3. Can you post a picture of your battery/solenoid area, maybe it's a noticeable problem.
  4. They did repo this for awhile, I would think it is still available
  5. I would at least 1/2" of that vertical side. If you cut off the vertical side, the corner splice joint will require a lot of work to get it right. Other than that, you use only the sections of the patch that you require to fix yours. Usually the minimum cutting out is best, but I usually pick my cut area that will be the easiest to hide or blend, the weld and then make my cuts there..
  6. Got mine from NPD a few years ago.It was perfect.
  7. I used mustang market panels twice with very good results. You can spray dye the pulls if prepped correctly.
  8. Maybe a rivet from a window roller on a 65 will work.
  9. 30J does mean September 30. The I code was not used in the rotation as is looks to much like a 1 (one).
  10. Looks good, I would have expected big gaps between the grill and bumper.
  11. You can order engine decals from NPD also.
  12. Maybe there's a way to get by with splicing a coupe set with the rears of your fastback trims. The joint probably could be minimized to a nearly invisible line. Maybe it could be hidden near the window stabilizer.
  13. Sure it fits, use manufacturer information to determine what battery to use. 73's got Motorcraft batteries from the factory.
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