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  1. Welcome, I've had my 73 302 for 40+years, I added a 3:56 rear axle gear about 20 years ago. Other than that it's stock. That single change has made it a completely different experience. It  feels like a rocket compared to its former life. I highly recommend this change. 

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  2. I would at least 1/2" of that vertical side. If you cut off the vertical side, the corner splice joint will require a lot of work to get it right. Other than that, you use only the sections of the patch that you require to fix yours. Usually the minimum cutting out is best, but I usually pick my cut area that will be the easiest to hide or blend, the weld and then make my cuts there..

  3. I've always liked the Autolite battery, but no way going to spend the bucks to get one.


    Will an Autolite cover fit a 73 302?


    If so, what type battery number (ie: 24F) should I get?




    Sure it fits, use manufacturer information to determine what battery to use. 73's got Motorcraft batteries from the factory.

  4. I got the little chrome button that goes on the Mach 1 bucket seats, it will sit about where your neck would be on the seat back. The button comes with 2 little posts, do these posts only go through the Upholstery or does it go through the upholstery and foam? It has a little backing plate and 2 push clips. Thanks!!


    It goes through the upholstery, which includes the backer padding. It does not go through the seat foam.

  5. What is the going rate to replace inner rockers? Looking at a 1970 cougar convert.and want to know what I am looking at cost wise, Thanks


    You will probably need floors also, as they overlap a couple inches. If car was cleared of the interior, I was charging $2600 for butt welding floors and installing the customer supplied parts. I've seen prices in the $3500 range.

  6. It's not abs or any plastic. It's a fiberous press molded something, more like masonite and thin particle board mixed. When it cracks or you ripe a mount out of it, it leaves a fiberous cavity that accepts the material I previously mentioned. You should try it. I use it almost everyday on something. I buy quart size jars of the stuff.

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