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  1. The one I have is 10852. I'd do $200 at Carlisle.
  2. That does not have the mounting places for the strut rods. If the picture is correct.
  3. I have one. It's clean of all the frame pieces. Ready to install. It was s Ford replacement that a previous owner installed on my parts car. $300. Going to Carlisle, I can bring along if we reach a deal. I can email pictures or post tomorrow
  4. Oh yea. Unscrew the cover, slide it up. Pull the neck up a few inches, get a screwdriver under one side of the tank seal; collapse it to the middle and pull it out. The new one goes in as easy. I use silicone grease to slide in the neck.
  5. That's close. There should be a speed clip on the bottom of the upright piece. The valance attaches to it from the bottom.
  6. I now use the same tools MwZapU shows above. I've tried the cheep ones and the straight heavy duty pliers and diagional cutters over the past twenty years. These tools shown in his post will save your hands. I takes about 50 hog rings per seat. I recommend the silver ones sold by our suppliers. The real pig rings from hardware stores are heavier and after doing 200 you'll wish that you hadn't. Great idea on that pushrod tool.
  7. Getting reflective vinyl from a sign shop. And covering the entire plate would provide a base to start with.
  8. Look in between the molding and the head light. There are two plastic covers about the size of a business card. Remove them then you can access the nuts through the square holes.
  9. If you think the car is stiff enough. I'd push the windshield frame forward. You may want to try with and without top secured. My first guess is that you have frame sag.
  10. I've done several. Had the best results using auto grade paint with hardener for background. Then clear coat with hardener. Then tape off the long straight sides of the figures and border. Using basic enamel and a 1/2" wide brush - then free hand the short sections and corners. You can use oil and grease remover to clean mistakes without messing up the base paint.
  11. Maybe.....Speedway Blue Metallic, 2009 Toyota Tacoma. Check it out.
  12. Understood, I just assumed we were talking about a complete " like factory" conversion. With the drum master cylinder there will likely be some fluid delivery issues and dragging pads that will cause heat build up and subsequent spongy brakes. So they will probably work. But I'd do more research about the different designs.
  13. I use bicycle tubes to do that test. Get one that has about the same cross section. One made for skinny tires for heater cores. Fat tire tubes for radiators. Fill a bucket or wheel barrow with water. And test.
  14. Your wheels will fit. I've done the conversion. Like another said get the brake things also. You will also need rubber lines, the steel lines and the landing bracket between them. I believe the pedel assembly was different also when power.
  15. The only ones I've seen had dark tops. They were painted flat black with the high part of the profile being brite bare finish. 71-72 rear panel trim was similar finished. More research is needed on the white top. I just checked the paint charts. I believe they indicate white trimmed molding was available.
  16. It's the same part used on the chrome bumpers for 71-72. Don't over pay.
  17. Double check for missing bolts that might not have been removed. Check the hole spacing against a new gasket. Hate to break the manifold. Slow steady pressure has always worked for me.
  18. To the best of my knowledge: The Ford license is something some manufactures pay for to use the Ford or Mustang trademark in their advertising. It's not a stamp of approval. Some manufactures sell more complete panel. Direct Dashes may be one.
  19. Neither look original. Check NPD online catalog for the correct appearance.
  20. I used Mustang Market panels. They take some time and careful trimming, the clips were easily swiveled to the proper positions. The end product looked as good as factory installed.
  21. I used the charcoal metallic in aerosal can, it came out just like factory.
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